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News from OmBase – November 24th Edition

Monday, November 24th, 2008

We Are OPEN!!

receptionIt took several months, but we finally did it!

Our beautiful and sweet space is finally ready to welcome you….If you haven’t taken a class yet, we hope that you will join us soon. Our new space offers more room, yet retains the loving warmth of our little home studio. Plus we have more room to spread out!


– We increased our prices a bit. Considering they had been the same for 4 years we felt it was a necessary step.
– We now accept credit cards for your convenience. Checks are always welcome and preferred.
– We encourage you to bike, walk and take the bus to yoga. After your 10th class without the use of a car you get your 11th class free…
OmBase has more teachers and more classes! Check out the new classes and please let us know if you’d like another class/another time.

Go here to see our schedule.

Welcome to Om Base

The studio’s Grand Opening party was….Oct 18th, 2008

Thank you all for coming to the opening and participating in our new adventure! It certainly seems to be an exciting one!

We want to take the opportunity here to thank several of you without whom OmBase wouldn’t look the way it does!

Joanne Hogarth, our architect/designer, enjoyed the process with us every step of the way. All the colors on the walls? Yes, she picked them.

Carol Hall designed the glass windows in the bathroom. Carol is one of our students and a famous glass maker in Portland. She kindly created and donated her creation!

Rey Rivas and his crew put their hearts and souls into this project and made it their own. They worked long hours and were always laughing and full of positive energy. Rey was the one who thought of creating the first arch. We then replicated them in our areas of the studio and love the effect.

Kris Jones, from Red Door Design, traded so much of her time to the creation of the logo, the promotional material, and much more!  We owe her about 20 years of yoga!  Thank you Kris, we love your work!

Also, thanks to all of you that called, emailed, brought coupons for paint, helped us move, and thought about us during the summer and into the fall!

Free: Discover Yoga! + Free Class card

statuehandWe offer Discover Yoga!  classes once or twice a month for those who have never done yoga or who haven’t done it in awhile. This class is an introduction to our studio, our kind of yoga, and helps each person figure out which class to choose afterward.

Let your friends know about it. Please join us on SUN Dec 14 at 2 pm and discover yoga!!

Do you want to try out our classes or have a friend that does?  Ask us for a FREE CLASS card, which may also be used as BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE (if you are a student already). It’s such a great time now, before the holidays start, to be practicing yoga.

We look forward to seeing you.

Our Studio . . .

studioWe offer several events during the month of December and even more in January.

Please go to our schedule to see the list of events…..

Hannah Says Hi!


All the teachers here at Om Base are looking forward to seeing you.

Hannah says hi too…..she wants everyone to know that she misses you. She’s wondering why no one’s coming over any more, but she’s been very busy checking out the squirrels these past few days….