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News from OmBase – August 28th Edition

Saturday, August 29th, 2009
Summer's End

Summer's End

Summer is coming to a close as we soak up the last couple of weeks of sun!  It’s probably the best time of the year for many of us.

We’re gearing up to fall at OmBase with several additions to our schedule. Most won’t go into effect until October, when our schedule changes, but we’d like to give you a sneak preview, as well as indicate some events coming up in September . . .


Yin Yoga series
with Todd
M/W/F am OR pm
3 week series
FRI 9/11 to Wed 9/30

Cost: $90-$108 sliding scale

Yes, please pre-register for this!

Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson

Todd’s offering TWO Yin Yoga series in September, both starting and ending on the same dates.

These classes meet Monday, Wednesday & Friday for three weeks, but please note, that because of Labor Day, classes start on a Friday and end on a Wednesday.

The yin approach utilizes long, supported, postures, that you simply relax into… when the muscles are relaxed, then the myofascial tissue surrounding them can begin to stretch and also strengthen.

Please go here, scroll to the bottom of the list alphabetically to read more about the amazing benefits of Yin Yoga.


Jay’s Tuesday & Thursday classes / subs

Jay Fields

Jay Fields

Many of you have missed Jay who’s on sabbatical . . .

As Jay comes back to teach (read below) this Sunday and on Thursday nights, she still won’t be teaching her Tuesday 6-7:30 until October 20th. Please check out other teachers!

Vittoria will be teaching a Women’s Yoga class on Tuesday nights during some of the Tuesdays in September and October.


Guided From Within
with Jay
SUN 8/30 2-5 pm workshop
Thursdays 9/3-9/24 6-7:30 pm class series

Cost: $45 ($90 for workshop & class series to follow in September)

Guided From Within - Jay Fields

Guided From Within - Jay Fields

This special class series begins with a workshop (this Sunday!! 2-5 pm  7/30/09) in which the focus is on learning the principles of a Free Range practice, which include: being guided from within, finding alignment through lines of energy, and playing your edge.

The series of 4 classes (starting first week of September) is for you…

if you:

· want to strengthen your inner guidance and cultivate your sense of ownership and authority in your life on and off the mat.
· are familiar with yoga poses but are wanting to approach them in a way that is more personal and creative.
· want to explore yoga as a means to a life that is more in alignment with what moves you.
· want more one-on-one, hands-on attention as you practice as well as the energy of a community of people practicing together.
· want to develop a home practice, or have one that feels mechanical and in need of inspiration.
· want to create a more trusting relationship with your body, especially if you have injuries you are attending to.

Please see the class schedule page or see Jay’s website for more details about this class.


Deepening Your Practice
with Todd

Fridays in September
5:45-7 pm

Cost: $40 for all 4 classes, or use your class card, or pay $12 drop in.

Deepening Your Practice

Deepening Your Practice

This practice is designed to help you to discover those elements of your practice which actually work for you.

A time for you to practice honing your skills at discernment, and feeling, so that without having to think about it,  how you do the things you do in your life, will naturally shift, and you’ll begin to “be” in a way that supports you.

We’ll start with a short meditation,  a short opening, and as we proceed you have the chance to move in the direction you are being moved, and we’ll all be practicing the same thing, even though it may not always look like it. I’ll be with you to offer suggestions and possibilities you may want to explore.


Relaxation 101
with Vittoria & Louise
10 week series
Sundays 5-6 pm

Cost: $111 for all ten classes

Note: class series can be split into two 5 week series, one beginning 9/20-10/18 and/or 10/25-11/22 ($60 each if you choose this option).

relaxation 101

relaxation 101

Join Louise and Vittoria for this new venture they are embarking upon!  Class will be shared and both teachers will attend some classes, alternating as teachers, assistants and facilitators. Some classes will be taught by either Louise or Vittoria individually.

Stress management is a key to  wellness that has been proven to prevent a wide range of illnesses and a way to obtain better mental and physical health.

We will practice deep belly breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and proceed to guided imagery and meditation, as well as use Tibetan bowls and crystal bowls to enhance the experience of relaxation.

All welcome!


R & R (Restore & Renew)

with Louise

Fridays starting 9/25 12:30-2 pm
(and once a month on Mondays)

Cost: like any regular class, $14 drop in or use your class card
This class will also be offered on Mondays at the same time once a month. Please check the class schedule page for dates.

Louise Lorente

Louise Lorente

A restorative yoga class offered weekly now by popular demand!

Students learn how nurturing, physical postures help ease the effects of chronic stress by allowing the body and mind to rest deeply.

We use props such as blankets and bolsters, breath work, guided meditation and a series of 3-4 poses which allow for complete relaxation.
Restorative poses help the body to tap into the body’s innate wisdom, and the body’s capacity to heal itself.
Appropriate for anyone at anytime in their life.

What students are saying:

“I was able to take the feeling of peace through most of my week….”.

“I felt so open and calm for a long time after class…”

“…..My phlebitis, which I’ve been taking medication for, getting massages for, completely went away”.

“I will pay a babysitter once a week to come to this class!”


Finding Balance: Equinox Yoga and Writing
with Emily & Todd

4 hr event
SUN 9/20 12-4 pm

Cost: $45-$65 sliding scale

Pre-registration required.

Equinox Yoga

Equinox Yoga

The Fall Equinox on September 22nd, when the day and night are equal, signals a time for coming into balance. Astrologically, the Sun moves into Libra — the sign of harmony, love, peace and beauty.

In this class, Todd will offer his blissful meditation and yoga, holding space for us to practice balance, support and inner peace. Emily will describe the planetary highlights of the season, and we’ll explore how to successfully navigate the challenging transittions ahead. We’ll use writing as a tool for discovery and setting intentions.

Join us to gather inspiration, insight and support for this season of change.

All are welcome — no previous yoga, writing or astrology experience is needed.


Shamanic Sound Healing
with Dagmar

2 hr event
SUN 9/20 7-9 pm

Cost: $25 prior to 9/13, $30 after

Dagmar Luenser

Dagmar Luenser

In the way of the shamanic tradition, Dagmar will lead you through a sound journey to help release blocks and discordant energies, restore a sense of wholeness and well-being and connect you with your own inner guidance.

Through the sound of her voice, shamanic tools and instruments such as drums, rattles and singing bowls, rituals unfold that awaken your heart’s intelligence and serve as a gateway to transformation and awareness.

Dagmar focuses her practice on the integration of mind, body and spirit by helping individuals understand their greater potential through the clearing of old patterns, attachments and energies that no longer serve them.

Dagmar Luenser is a gifted shamanic sound and energy healer. Trained in shamanic work, sound healing, Spiritual Response Therapy and Reiki, Dagmar helps individuals come into balance and connect more deeply to their soul’s path.

For more information, please go to our class schedule page.

Or call/email Dagmar Luenser
503.490.3671 –


Sacred Nourishment: The Yoga of Nutrition
with Jenna

THU 9/24-11/19
7:35-9:15 pm
9 class series

Cost: $180 prior to 9/3, $225 after.

Jenna Abernathy

Jenna Abernathy

Come prepared to transform your relationship with food and with yourself.

Learn how you really can trust your body using a variety of techniques to help you reach your health and life goals including new healthy foods, yoga and breathing techniques, creative writing, visualization and relaxation.

You will learn to deconstruct cravings and discover what your body really needs to thrive and feel satisfied.  This class will help you uncover the foods and lifestyle that support you living the life you were meant to lead.  Handouts and other materials included.


Jenna Abernathy

Jenna Abernathy

Jenna Abernathy is a health counselor, massage therapist, and yoga teacher. Her lifetime passion has been supporting people in moving past the blocks that hold them back from living their most authentic life.  She loves to work with people who who truly desire real health and life transformation.

Jenna received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She studied massage at East West College in Portland, OR and studied yoga at the Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA.  Jenna also teaches classes, retreats, and workshops on Sacred Nourishment; The Yoga of Nutrition.

Please see her website


October Sneak Preview

Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing is coming to OmBase!! Facilitated by Adriana, who’s been a belly dancer for 15 years.

Adriana is a belly dancer and a yoga teacher, and you can be sure you’ll see more of her at OmBase!

Belly Dancing workshop and classes start Saturday, October 24th. Check the class schedule page for more details.

Other New Classes coming up as well in October. Stay tuned!


Our First Year Anniversary Party
SUN 10/18 12-4 pm

Om Cake

Om Cake

We’ll have a grand celebration
so be sure to mark the date!


Writing – Riding The Eclipse Wave

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

OmBase‘s own in-house Astrologer, Emily Trinkaus shares some writing from participants of the recent Riding the Eclipse Wave event . . .


Emily Trinkaus

Emily Trinkaus

For five Wednesday evenings, Todd and I gathered with a group of adventurous participants to explore the meaning of this summer’s three Eclipses — and to offer support for navigating the intense and transformational energies.

Todd led us through blissful meditation and yoga practices, and I talked about the astrological influences and offered related writing exercises. We all wrote and shared our writing out loud, and also did some rituals to release the old and call in our intentions for the future.

Every week – no matter how cranky I was feeling when I came in– I left class feeling inspired, relaxed and deeply grateful for our OmBase community. I was moved by everyone’s willingness to write from their hearts, and to share their words with the group. Together we created a web of support that held and sustained me through some challenging times.

Below are some of the pieces that were written in the group. 




Riding the Eclipse Wave

Riding The Eclipse Wave

Riding The Eclipse Wave

Mazel Tov

Funny that I should remember in practice, seemingly out of the blue, my little pirate spirit.  He was the ghost who would visit me in the night during my desperate teen years, sleep-walking through the house with me, making jokes while I wept my profound sadness.   He was a tiny spirit with a big personality, squat and opaque-white, with an eye patch on one eye and a twinkle in the other.  He would tease and bully me until I’d agree to climb onto that little Frisbee saucer of his, and we’d fly through the dark house in a crazy pattern singing “Mazel Tov” while everyone slept.

Why would this odd memory come up in practice?  Maybe because “Mazel Tov” is a celebration of life, sung in the face of hardship.  It’s a challenge to find the light when scary things are all around.  This pirate scared me as a child; he was loud, he was unruly, uncouth and not well-mannered.  Finally one night, I climbed out of his silly Frisbee saucer and in a stern voice was to stay with me for years, I banned him from those night-time visits.

Now, here it is decades later, and I’d like to welcome back that little outlaw.  I’d like to welcome back the celebration and song sung in the face of chaos and pain.  But this time, not fear it so much.  This time I challenge myself not to banish what seems imaginary, untamed and unknown.  This time I want to fly in the crazy little saucer in the dead of night and sing at the top of my lungs.  No matter that it’s all off key; it’s done in joy.



Freedom Feels Like…

Freedom feels like:
a smile from a child.
an open window.
the light from within.
a smile.
a new car.
coffee with my best friend.
new clothes.
angels on my shoulder.
money in the bank.
a green light.

I have resolved to make my children my meditation.  Since I have no or little time for other forms, and they are ALWAYS there, my heart has said they are my meditation – my angels, my guiding lights.

My eldest son (age 7) can quote to me from movies and TV shows, a fact that I often let pain me as I worry about the influence of mass media on him.  But last night, his wisdom to me was to quote from a Yu-Gi-Oh episode (a show that I have particularly banned him from watching, by the way), in which someone said, “Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little to gain a lot.”

My husband and I have started a food business and it’s pretty scary.  Sometimes I feel like we must be crazy, and this week in particular, I was crazy with it: “What am I doing?  How is this going to work? I have no time for my children…” and so on.  But then my son comes up with this.

And then, this morning, as we were walking to the car, he corrected a mis-quote on a video game that came from the movie, Ratatouille:  “The video game just says ‘Anyone can cook,’ Mama.  But in the movie they say, ‘Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great.’ ”

Thank you, Son, for reminding me.




You are still in shallow water. You need to go deeper, deeper, and listen.
In order to reach the sacred mountains, you need to cross the deep waters and listen.

Go within more.
Go within more.

Don’t be distracted by daily routines, unusual weather patterns, by the dramas and tragedies of life.
Stay focused and don’t lose sight of your goal.

The sacred mountains are within reach. You can always see them.

The waters are still.
The moon is full.
The sky is clear.

Earth, water, air. Fire in your heart.

Put up your antenna,
and listen within.



My Body Says

My body says, Rest. My body says, Sleep. My body says, More sleep, please, more rest. My body says, Relax. My body says, Earth — more earth, please, more ground to lie on more trees to lean against more flowers to smell and grass to roll around in and more blackberries to pick.

My body says, Gently, slowly. Notice me. Feel me. Remember me.

My body says, Vacation. My body says, Hawaii. Sun, warmth, sand, ocean, swim, float, be. My body says, I’m tired. Take care of me, love me, let me rest and heal.

Who is speaking when my body is speaking? Where does that voice come from? I want to listen even if I don’t understand. I want to honor the needs of my body.

Supporting me is my body – and I want to support her too – she puts up with so much. The coffee I drink to keep going instead of taking a nap. The days I don’t go for a walk because I tell myself I don’t have time.

In the end, it’s all body – she’s what keeps me here. Maybe sometimes I resent her for that, keeping me here on earth instead of letting my soul float off to whatever star system it came from. I forget the beauty of my body, the beauty of this planet, this here and now. I take this time to remember.


What if I was innocent
And beautiful?

But you are!

And you are brave,
Braver than you can know
a wise woman has said.

It is a good road
to wander down . . . to meander.

You are stronger than you know.
You are the beautiful, innocent
child of light!



I am taking with me…I want to remember…

I am taking with me…WOW…
energy. Energy.
I never seem to have enough energy….
but I do.
Faith. Still shaky but more solid. Moments
where energy swept me.
moments where energy
renewed –
deep sadness –
lots of upliftment,
each of you –
I want to remember
Goddess and Goodness to work
through ME –
Remember to allow –
to step aside –
to laugh!

Marion Mae Moon Warfield

sepI am taking with me…

I am taking with me…
a new way into…
something within
that has wrapped
too tightly
around my being
for all the time
that I can remember.

A new way in, a small
break in the ice,
a way through,
not around…tempting as it may be…
these dark forces
that I have kept
pushing away.

But there is time
and new belief…
for this new growth
I have been forging….

The way is softer than
what I have known,
a surrender
that I have misunderstood,
But I know this now–
that I will not be dimmed
by these heavier things,
but brought to life.

My understanding grows
from two dimensions
to a space for more….
a strong current of life
force to be set free…
a deeper, more steady
relationship to healing
and to listening.
To myself.



I am taking with me…

I am taking with me
bits and pieces- feelings shared through words expressed
so easily- effortlessly – from the heart
the feeling of coming together
the feeling of come-union
the experience of people, together,
making the choice for change
really choosing to honor and to embrace
to wear and so share something which seems to be
so many of our daily experiences –
something outside
business as usual
and for all of these choices
each one of you made, again and again
to muster the courage to dare
to be brave
i am grateful
because it makes everything else so much easier
and serves
as an eloquent, gentle, yet palpable  reminder
that we do have a choice and that we can make it!



For our final writing, we collectively wrote a poem for each participant, everyone adding one line. Here is the one written for Sandra:

Send us their light
In the deepest quiet of night
And the blue and grey sky
What if I chose colors to please me?
I am happy
I am light and free
Summer, winter, fall and spring
There is always another opening


Emily Trinkaus

Emily Trinkaus

Emily Trinkaus is a writer and astrologer with nearly a decade of experience facilitating workshops. She founded Portland Women Writers and writes for and other astrology websites. See Portland Astrology to learn more about her work. At OmBase she teaches Writing and Yoga classes along with Todd.


Astro-Update & Events

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

OmBase‘s own in-house Astrologer, Emily Trinkaus with some exciting news & upcoming events from her August newsletter and website Portland Astrology:

Eclipse Season Grand Finale – This Wednesday

“it is our ignorance of the dark, which is the gateway between death and birth, that gives rise to our fears and contributes to our pain.”

Demetra George, Mysteries of the Dark Moon

Emily Trinkaus

Emily Trinkaus

We’re nearing the grand finale of this summer’s Eclipse Season — the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 5. A Lunar Eclipse is a super-potent Full Moon, featuring a rising tide of emotional energy, high pressure, and opportunities for revelation and breakthrough.

At the Lunar Eclipse — when the Earth’s shadow blocks out the light of the Moon — we are confronted with our fear of the dark. The Full Moon that typically lights up the night sky turns a bloody red and darkens, leaving us in the shadows. Even if the Eclipse isn’t visible where you live, the influence is still palpable.



Re-Writing the Wounds of the Spirit
a women’s astrology and Sacred Story workshop
with Emily & Dawn
SAT 8/15 10am-2pm

in Multnomah Village
Cost: $65

Spider Woman weaves a story . . .

Spider Woman weaves a story . . .

2009 features a rare conjunction of Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter, offering opportunities for healing wounds of the Spirit. These “Neptunian” wounds often take the form of addictions, victimization, illusions and fantasies – ways that we unconsciously remain stuck in our limited beliefs and perspectives.

In this workshop, we will use astrology to explore these wounded places from an archetypal perspective and within a larger framework of collective transformation. We’ll also look at where this “Super Conjunction” is happening in your personal birth chart, identifying which areas of your life are calling for healing and growth.

We will use Sacred Story work – a technique involving guided visualization and writing to recreate our lives – to rewrite these old stories of our wounded self and to call in a more liberating story of our inner power and connection with Spirit.

All women are welcome; no previous writing or astrology experience needed.

Contact Emily for more info or to register:, 503-288-7097


Women’s Writing & Astrology Retreat
Archetypes of Feminine Power:
Reclaiming the Dark
with Emily & Dawn
10/16-18, 2009

at Silver Falls

Silver Falls

Silver Falls

In the magical forest of Silver Falls, we meet at the Dark of the Moon – traditionally a time for healing, renewal and regeneration.

Looking at the Moon in our individual birth charts, we’ll explore how feminine archetypes appear and operate in our own lives, and identify the “shadow” aspects of our own expression of the feminine. We’ll use Sacred Story work – a technique using guided visualization and writing to recreate our lives – to reclaim our power from these denied and unconscious parts of ourselves.

We’ll also examine the significance of the Dark Goddess in the context of collective transformation. Approaching the end-date of the 26,000-year Mayan Calendar, we are all now in a “Dark Moon” phase – a time for releasing and transforming structures, systems and ways of being that no longer serve us. In this time of ever-quickening growth and change, how do our individual stories intersect with the unfolding collective drama?

All women are welcome – no previous astrology or writing experience is needed.

More details >>


Emily Trinkaus

Emily Trinkaus

Emily Trinkaus is a writer and astrologer with nearly a decade of experience facilitating workshops. She founded Portland Women Writers and writes for and other astrology websites. See Portland Astrology to learn more about her work. At OmBase she teaches Writing and Yoga classes along with Todd.