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clairvoyant readings & healings by JRo

Saturday, May 8th, 2010


Discover your relationship to space-time & the currents of energy that manifest you. My reading approach is an interactive experience.

Together we reveal an opportunity to create a healing or change in your energy- body, and how to do this any time you want.

Be willing to learn how to read your own energy and change it! This is what I can help you do, it’s easy, fun and nothing you have ever experienced before.

We are super-positioned energy precursors of consciousness. Your body is energy and our lives reality-based events.

Learn how you occur right here right now as life. And learn how to change it, guide it and ultimately let go.

“My session with Jeff helped get me unstuck and onto a path that has been nothing short of a miracle. I owe my life to him and am looking forward to another session and more insight.” ~ Louise

JRo will be in Portland from June 1-11, 2010

JRo, ( pronounced J-row) lives in Haiku, Maui, and has been doing Clairvoyant reading/healing and energy work for over 30 years. Currently JRo travels and brings what he does to different locations throughout the mainland U.S.

Readings are $100 for at about 1.5-2 hrs (please bring cash)

to book a reading:

send us an email:
or call her Vittoria’s cell 971.506.6789

Download a Flyer

Coming in June: A gift taken and shared: four weeks, four classes, for change

Friday, April 30th, 2010
gift of yoga

gift of yoga

It had been some time since the  last immersion had been offered, and so I was surprised when a couple  of students mentioned that they missed them, and would like to jump into another one.  after having the previous two immersions canceled due to  lack of interest, I wasn’t sure that offering another one would make sense, but my guidance assured me that yes, it would happen and that it was timely and would benefit those who chose to attend.

So, without being attached  to the outcome, I “put it out there” that an immersion was imminent, and over  the course of several weeks, people began to sign up… interestingly, most of  the people who signed up for this immersion were new to this work; and though  it was not apparent to me at the time, this proved to be important.

It  proved to be important because the immersion itself was different.  The  fundamental focus remained the same, but the hiatus or pause since the  previous immersions offered and provided enough space to allow for a  re-framing of the way the immersion happens.

There was clear guidance  on the day to day formatting and sequencing of the various meditations as well as the body of the practices.  Watching all of this unfold helped me to  see anew the power of practice itself… and here’s what I  really want to convey and to share with you.

more than once in a blue moon . . .

more than once in a blue moon . . .

Although we’re all  practicing all of the time, most of what we practice serves to  simply perpetuate what is familiar to us (keeps us ensconced firmly in  our box, and so committed to our perspective..) but when we dare to  try something new on, and I mean literally to wear it, then our perception does indeed shift as a consequence, and so to our lives.

We’ve all helped to create this wonderful space and place we call OmBase – a place where we have the unbridled permission to step out of our costumes and our accustomed ways of being to uncover and so discover something  new… but very few of us are really taking advantage of this gift and embracing what it has to offer us. Typically we drop into a practice here and there, with little commitment to really lean into- to wear and share- what we  uncover and discover as a consequence of our practice. And instead of  allowing it to really move us – even though we may be moved by the practice –  we opt instead to revert back to our more familiar refrain of insisting on resisting.

What I witnessed again through this immersion was just how powerful it is when people simply commit to showing up, and then simply sink into the practice of being—it’s literally life changing and the really good news is that this is the most natural thing one can “do”…. so if  you do show up, it happens.

yoga June

four weeks, four classes in June

So I invite you to consider what keeps you from availing yourself of that which is supporting you?

Could you dare  to give yourself the gift of even committing to just one class a week for  four weeks during the month of June?

Why not ask one of your friends to  join you in this commitment – it’s easier when you have someone to help you –  “….and you’ll also be helping them… and as you show up to  class, not only will you be benefiting, but by helping  OmBase, your presence literally extends this gift to  others.

So let’s give this a shot.. a little experiment.. Four  weeks, Four classes, With a Friend… receive the gift and extend it to  others… and be open for the types of shifts that these recent participants shared below:

“Hi Todd,

Thank you for holding such a great space for the Yoga Immersion class. It was my first entry into yoga other than a few classes here and there. It was the dropping habits focus that actually drew my attention more than the yoga.  Although, I didn’t drop any habits per se, what I discovered was a different connection with myself. A way to tap into that inner knowing – to connect with what do I want. So much of what I do is impulsive or reactive so it was such a pleasure to have a space and time devoted to reconnecting with me that I could work with in my day-to-day life to minimize reactivity. I have been told twice this week that I have softness to my eyes and seem centered. WOW! That is huge as I always feel a bit spinney. My point is when someone on the outside notices a shift then a shift has taken place. I thank you and all in class who shared that space – a yoga sangha!” —  D.D.

“…When I walked out of the studio into daylight, the air felt crisper, the colors brighter, and overall I felt more connection to the universe.What I discovered was a different connection to myself that I have not felt in my years of meditation practice. I connected with my body and moved closer to really feeling into what do I want. I finally understand what it means to get completely out of my head and drop into my feeling self. And, most importantly, I find myself stopping and asking more often what do I want. Taking that minute to ground myself before responding….”.  — D.D. Read the whole blog post

“Hi Todd,

Just saying Thank you for your hard work and the enlightenment you have brought into my life. Thanks for your entire staff to promote Yoga and the great music you have introduced me to. My husband John thanks you too as we like the meditation music but didn’t know which ones to purchase.

The last 3 weeks have been an incredible journey discovering my energy, guides, and a renewed perspective of the river we all share. I believe people close to me are seeing my positive changes. They may not say it, maybe not even conscious of it, but their actions reflect what I feel. Less thinking, more feeling. I love your saying.  — D.C.

To  help support this, I’ll be offering the first Satsang Sarong – Come and Be Embraced about half way through this four weeks (Saturday, June 19th at 6 pm.  It’s free)…. I’d love it if you  joined us… Come and steep in the  energy… there’ll be time for questions too… it’ll be  fun

Prenatal Dance & Yoga!

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010


by Adriana

Prenatal Dance & Yoga is a unique class that combines yoga, deep relaxation, bellydance, and other fluid waves of movement, which are safe for pregnancy. The benefits of dancing and yoga in pregnancy include a beneficial, and natural way to open and strengthen the muscles of the pelvis, hips, thighs and lower back. It promotes baby-bonding, relaxation, grace and balance and also provides you an enjoyable way to embrace the beauty of your beguiling belly.

Bellydance is one of the oldest dances in the world, having roots in goddess worship and fertility rites. It was a way ancient women used to not only celebrate birth but also as a way to condition the body for labor, as many of the movements in bellydance mimic innate birthing movements.

My classes consist of opening with prenatal yoga postures, instruction in basic bellydance moves particularly helpful in relieving common discomforts and to assist women in labor, and ends with a deep, guided relaxation. Classes are taught in a fun, supportive, and nurturing environment.

I  bellydanced throughout my pregnancy. I found the movements extremely valuable in easing discomfort in my hips and especially useful in later pregnancy when I often felt large and awkward. I took full advantage of the array of pelvic movements, shimmies and undulations (often called the birth dance) during labor. After the healthy and natural birth of my son, bellydance helped me get my abdominal and pelvic muscles back into shape. I also would often bellydance while wearing my infant in a sling and he would be instantly comforted and lulled to sleep.

I am a certified yoga instructor and bellydance artist with over 15 years experience as a performer and teacher. I have always loved dancing and have extensive background in many forms of dance and creative movement. Since my own pregnancy, I have become interested in conscious birth and aiding prenatal women through this most amazing life-changing event. I had the blessing to meet Vittoria Palazzi, Part Owner of Ombase and Director of Birth Wisdom, and completed a 4 month prenatal apprenticeship with her. My dance and yoga background serve as interchangeable components in my teaching where I continue to share my life pursuit — connecting with others through Body, Mind and Spirit.

If you are interested in classes or having bellydance at your Baby Shower, please contact me at  or visit

Prenatal Dance & Yoga is a drop-in class, at 12:00 on Sundays at OmBase

FREE talk with Esther Gokhale on becoming pain-free

Monday, April 12th, 2010
Esther Gokhale, L.Ac.

Esther Gokhale, L.Ac.

Education – Lecture

Date: Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm


OmBase Yoga Studio
6357 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR 97239
(503) 922-3100

Esther Gokhale, L.Ac. is a world-renowned pain expert and author of” “8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back.” Her work is acclaimed by many and praised by Physicians, Internal Medicine Doctors, Neurosurgeons, and recognized by the Mayo Clinic.

Esther is in town this week teaching a workshop and has agreed to give a FREE TALK at OmBase Thursday, 4/15, from 12-1 pm.

We are inviting all that are interested to come and join us! Teachers, students, friends, anyone that has ever experienced back pain or wants to learn more about Esther Gokhale’s artful, sound guide to better posture and freedom from pain.

Esther teaches the The Gokhale MethodSM which uses healthy posture and movement to help you re-establish your body’s structural integrity and regain a pain-free life.

Her class, the Gokhale MethodSM 101— is a 6-session course that gives you lifelong tools for healthy, pain-free posture and movement. You learn to use everyday movements, like lying, sitting and walking to lengthen and reshape your spine. No special equipment or exercise is required, and effects are often immediate.

Please visit her website: for more information.

Esther Gokhale

Esther Gokhale

Esther Gokhale (go-clay) graduated from Princeton with a degree in biochemistry and earned her C.A. from the San Francisco College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. After personal struggles with back pain, unsuccessful back surgery, and a dismal prognosis, she began what would become a lifelong dedication to understanding and addressing the root causes of pain. After a five-year study and certification in Aplomb®, a French movement re-education technique, Esther traveled to Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America to study posture and movement in populations with a low incidence of back pain. She also continued her academic studies, taking courses in anatomy and anthropology at Stanford. Her education, training, and research enabled her to develop a unique, systematic method of restoring pain-free posture and movement, which she teaches at her Palo Alto clinic. Her technique is now detailed in her first book, 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back’. She currently divides her time between her family, teaching and training in the Gokhale MethodSM, the design of products to support healthy movement, speaking engagements, and ongoing research and data collection.

Fences For Fido

Friday, September 25th, 2009
. . . UN-CHAINED . . . one dog at a time

. . . UN-CHAINED . . . one dog at a time

Fences For Fido


In an upcoming November class
. . . to be announced . . .
OmBase will be donating the proceeds
of that class to Fences For Fido


Fences For Fido is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the welfare and quality of life for dogs living outdoors. Through their volunteer efforts, they create safer and improved conditions for chained dogs, provide education to the public, and help build healthier communities through awareness and compassion.

For dogs living outdoors on a chain, Fences For Fido reaches out to their guardian and offers a free fence, a new shelter, and free or reduced cost spay/neuter. With their services, dogs who were once chained will learn what it’s like to live, run, and play in a safe and more comfortable environment.

“I never imagined a couple of years ago when my husband, Casey, and I built our first fence that it would result in groups like Fences For Fido all around the country. Knowing that people care about chained dogs and that the issue is beginning to get the attention it deserves is encouraging and moving. Seeing a chained dog go from despondent and often times broken to playful and happy in a fence is an amazing experience. Thank you Fences for Fido for your compassion and hard work – the dogs of Portland appreciate it” —Amanda Arrington, Founder, Coalition to Un-chain Dogs

In honor of Lynda Pilger’s never ending love and compassion for our four-legged family members, Fences For Fido is dedicated to our dear friend. Were she here with us, Lynda would be the leader of our little pack, and she would also be the first in line to give each and every dog a tender loving hug.


READ MORE – a recent news story:

Fences for Fido helps break the dog chains” by Margie Boule | The Oregonian | September 22, 2009


post a flyer in your neighborhood, at your work or organization!


go to Fences for Fido and donate directly!


Stress Relief Fun(d) ~ a fun•drive!

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Stress Relief Fun(d) ~ a fun•drive!
Spread the joy, Make a difference

Vittoria & Todd

Vittoria & Todd

OmBase continues to grow with new students joining us weekly, and we’re excited and looking forward to growing our teaching family this fall, as well as adding to our class offerings and new curriculum as we move into our second year… so things are really going well.

However, as we approach our first year anniversary, we are faced with a challenge, and an opportunity to embrace this challenge in a creative way, which can help our growing community to get to know one another better, while helping out OmBase at the same time.

Periodically we have to pay down our note, and even as our day to day and monthly operating expenses are being met, due to the market and other circumstances, our working capital reserve has suddenly been reduced- substantially- by the bank., and we need your help and so insure we can meet the need, and stay afloat! So we’ve come up with this stress relief fun(d) ~ a fun•drive to meet the need, with your help.

Please consider becoming a part of the base in OmBaseone of the pillars in our growing community of support. – Your contribution will help to insure the continuation of that which you are valuing, and extend this gift to others.

Your contribution makes a difference. You make a difference to OmBase and help to make it “om” for all of us. Thank you.

OmBase Tribe

OmBase Tribe

So, what can you do?

Besides continuing to come to classes, and helping to spread the word about OmBasewhich we greatly appreciate…here’s how you can help:

1. You can donate something to the drawing.

You might consider donating a gift certificate for your business (if you are a body worker, healer, or therapist, you might consider donating a session, or three sessions for 50% off. Be creative!)

Can you offer a service?

Hairdressers, accountants, petsitters, photographers, teachers, therapists, landscape designers, architects, artists, translators…You name it, it’s welcome!

We are hoping for donations valued between $80 and $120, as each ticket is worth $100. We are also hoping to receive a few exceptional donations in the $200-$500 range. Anything above $500 will be in the Grand Prize category along with a year of om (12 months of yoga), valued at $1188.

The number of tickets sold, will not exceed the number of gift/prizes donated, (our goal is to reach our target of 200 gifts).

We also want to help to promote you, and what you do, and by donating you will be listed on our website, on our list of “prizes” by category and in exchange for your generous donation, you’ll get more exposure, greatly help out OmBase, and get a new client in the person who draws your gift.

How to donate:

fill out this brief form (we need this information as soon as possible, no later than 10/11/09) and with it, please include a gift certificate or your business card, or both. We’ll add your name and gift to the growing list, (a link to your website will be included)

The growing list of gifts is here.

As a thank-you for your donation you are invited to attend a drop-in class of your choice, for FREE, anytime between the day you make your donation, until the day of the drawing.

2. You can buy a ticket…help OmBase & win a prize!

The number of tickets sold will match the number of gifts donated- the total number not to exceed 200 sold. Odds for winning a prize are 100% while the odds for a specific prize will depend on the total number of tickets sold, but will be no greater then 1 in 200 (good odds 🙂 )

How to buy a ticket: (4 ways you can do that!)

1. Come into the studio and pay with cash, credit card or check

2. Call us at OmBase with your credit card

3. Send a check to OmBase

4. Use our online store
Cash or check is preferred – as it costs us nothing – Credit card at the studio is preferred over online purchases, but please use what is most convenient for you.

The rules of the drawing – how it works

The drawing will be held during our First Year Anniversary Celebration on Sunday 10/18/09. Potluck celebration between 12-4 pm. A detailed schedule will be posted later in October.

There will be two bowls. The first bowl will hold numbered cards – one for each ticket sold. The second bowl will hold a card for each prize. One at a time, a numbered card will be picked at random from the first bowl, and the person on the master list that corresponds to that number will randomly pick a card from the second bowl, to reveal what they’ve won! (Those not present will have a card picked for them).

We thank you in advance for your help!

Fall Studio Art Sale

Monday, September 7th, 2009
Fall Sale

Fall Sale

Please join Carol Hall, Megan Hooker and Karen Story
for another Fall Studio Sale
at Carol’s home studio in Hillsdale Heights!


WHEN: SATURDAY September 12th from 9:00am-4:00pm
: 1568 SW Westwood Drive, Portland OR 97239
Google map


Carol will offer seconds & sconces ready to install



large shards from ceiling lights

Glass Shade

Glass Shade

as well as a new production of
fused glass bowls, plates and coasters . . .

Plates & Bowls

Plates & Bowls


Karen has an exotic collection of Balinese crafts
from her second home in Bali.

Balinese Crafts

Balinese Crafts


Megan creates beautiful and fun envelopes

Handmade Envelopes

Handmade Envelopes

More Envelopes

More Envelopes

and note cards from used calendars . . .

notecard & envelope

notecard & envelope


Carol Hall in her home studio

Carol Hall in her home studio

For more information contact Carol Hall:



Writing – Riding The Eclipse Wave

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

OmBase‘s own in-house Astrologer, Emily Trinkaus shares some writing from participants of the recent Riding the Eclipse Wave event . . .


Emily Trinkaus

Emily Trinkaus

For five Wednesday evenings, Todd and I gathered with a group of adventurous participants to explore the meaning of this summer’s three Eclipses — and to offer support for navigating the intense and transformational energies.

Todd led us through blissful meditation and yoga practices, and I talked about the astrological influences and offered related writing exercises. We all wrote and shared our writing out loud, and also did some rituals to release the old and call in our intentions for the future.

Every week – no matter how cranky I was feeling when I came in– I left class feeling inspired, relaxed and deeply grateful for our OmBase community. I was moved by everyone’s willingness to write from their hearts, and to share their words with the group. Together we created a web of support that held and sustained me through some challenging times.

Below are some of the pieces that were written in the group. 




Riding the Eclipse Wave

Riding The Eclipse Wave

Riding The Eclipse Wave

Mazel Tov

Funny that I should remember in practice, seemingly out of the blue, my little pirate spirit.  He was the ghost who would visit me in the night during my desperate teen years, sleep-walking through the house with me, making jokes while I wept my profound sadness.   He was a tiny spirit with a big personality, squat and opaque-white, with an eye patch on one eye and a twinkle in the other.  He would tease and bully me until I’d agree to climb onto that little Frisbee saucer of his, and we’d fly through the dark house in a crazy pattern singing “Mazel Tov” while everyone slept.

Why would this odd memory come up in practice?  Maybe because “Mazel Tov” is a celebration of life, sung in the face of hardship.  It’s a challenge to find the light when scary things are all around.  This pirate scared me as a child; he was loud, he was unruly, uncouth and not well-mannered.  Finally one night, I climbed out of his silly Frisbee saucer and in a stern voice was to stay with me for years, I banned him from those night-time visits.

Now, here it is decades later, and I’d like to welcome back that little outlaw.  I’d like to welcome back the celebration and song sung in the face of chaos and pain.  But this time, not fear it so much.  This time I challenge myself not to banish what seems imaginary, untamed and unknown.  This time I want to fly in the crazy little saucer in the dead of night and sing at the top of my lungs.  No matter that it’s all off key; it’s done in joy.



Freedom Feels Like…

Freedom feels like:
a smile from a child.
an open window.
the light from within.
a smile.
a new car.
coffee with my best friend.
new clothes.
angels on my shoulder.
money in the bank.
a green light.

I have resolved to make my children my meditation.  Since I have no or little time for other forms, and they are ALWAYS there, my heart has said they are my meditation – my angels, my guiding lights.

My eldest son (age 7) can quote to me from movies and TV shows, a fact that I often let pain me as I worry about the influence of mass media on him.  But last night, his wisdom to me was to quote from a Yu-Gi-Oh episode (a show that I have particularly banned him from watching, by the way), in which someone said, “Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little to gain a lot.”

My husband and I have started a food business and it’s pretty scary.  Sometimes I feel like we must be crazy, and this week in particular, I was crazy with it: “What am I doing?  How is this going to work? I have no time for my children…” and so on.  But then my son comes up with this.

And then, this morning, as we were walking to the car, he corrected a mis-quote on a video game that came from the movie, Ratatouille:  “The video game just says ‘Anyone can cook,’ Mama.  But in the movie they say, ‘Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great.’ ”

Thank you, Son, for reminding me.




You are still in shallow water. You need to go deeper, deeper, and listen.
In order to reach the sacred mountains, you need to cross the deep waters and listen.

Go within more.
Go within more.

Don’t be distracted by daily routines, unusual weather patterns, by the dramas and tragedies of life.
Stay focused and don’t lose sight of your goal.

The sacred mountains are within reach. You can always see them.

The waters are still.
The moon is full.
The sky is clear.

Earth, water, air. Fire in your heart.

Put up your antenna,
and listen within.



My Body Says

My body says, Rest. My body says, Sleep. My body says, More sleep, please, more rest. My body says, Relax. My body says, Earth — more earth, please, more ground to lie on more trees to lean against more flowers to smell and grass to roll around in and more blackberries to pick.

My body says, Gently, slowly. Notice me. Feel me. Remember me.

My body says, Vacation. My body says, Hawaii. Sun, warmth, sand, ocean, swim, float, be. My body says, I’m tired. Take care of me, love me, let me rest and heal.

Who is speaking when my body is speaking? Where does that voice come from? I want to listen even if I don’t understand. I want to honor the needs of my body.

Supporting me is my body – and I want to support her too – she puts up with so much. The coffee I drink to keep going instead of taking a nap. The days I don’t go for a walk because I tell myself I don’t have time.

In the end, it’s all body – she’s what keeps me here. Maybe sometimes I resent her for that, keeping me here on earth instead of letting my soul float off to whatever star system it came from. I forget the beauty of my body, the beauty of this planet, this here and now. I take this time to remember.


What if I was innocent
And beautiful?

But you are!

And you are brave,
Braver than you can know
a wise woman has said.

It is a good road
to wander down . . . to meander.

You are stronger than you know.
You are the beautiful, innocent
child of light!



I am taking with me…I want to remember…

I am taking with me…WOW…
energy. Energy.
I never seem to have enough energy….
but I do.
Faith. Still shaky but more solid. Moments
where energy swept me.
moments where energy
renewed –
deep sadness –
lots of upliftment,
each of you –
I want to remember
Goddess and Goodness to work
through ME –
Remember to allow –
to step aside –
to laugh!

Marion Mae Moon Warfield

sepI am taking with me…

I am taking with me…
a new way into…
something within
that has wrapped
too tightly
around my being
for all the time
that I can remember.

A new way in, a small
break in the ice,
a way through,
not around…tempting as it may be…
these dark forces
that I have kept
pushing away.

But there is time
and new belief…
for this new growth
I have been forging….

The way is softer than
what I have known,
a surrender
that I have misunderstood,
But I know this now–
that I will not be dimmed
by these heavier things,
but brought to life.

My understanding grows
from two dimensions
to a space for more….
a strong current of life
force to be set free…
a deeper, more steady
relationship to healing
and to listening.
To myself.



I am taking with me…

I am taking with me
bits and pieces- feelings shared through words expressed
so easily- effortlessly – from the heart
the feeling of coming together
the feeling of come-union
the experience of people, together,
making the choice for change
really choosing to honor and to embrace
to wear and so share something which seems to be
so many of our daily experiences –
something outside
business as usual
and for all of these choices
each one of you made, again and again
to muster the courage to dare
to be brave
i am grateful
because it makes everything else so much easier
and serves
as an eloquent, gentle, yet palpable  reminder
that we do have a choice and that we can make it!



For our final writing, we collectively wrote a poem for each participant, everyone adding one line. Here is the one written for Sandra:

Send us their light
In the deepest quiet of night
And the blue and grey sky
What if I chose colors to please me?
I am happy
I am light and free
Summer, winter, fall and spring
There is always another opening


Emily Trinkaus

Emily Trinkaus

Emily Trinkaus is a writer and astrologer with nearly a decade of experience facilitating workshops. She founded Portland Women Writers and writes for and other astrology websites. See Portland Astrology to learn more about her work. At OmBase she teaches Writing and Yoga classes along with Todd.


Astro-Update & Events

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

OmBase‘s own in-house Astrologer, Emily Trinkaus with some exciting news & upcoming events from her August newsletter and website Portland Astrology:

Eclipse Season Grand Finale – This Wednesday

“it is our ignorance of the dark, which is the gateway between death and birth, that gives rise to our fears and contributes to our pain.”

Demetra George, Mysteries of the Dark Moon

Emily Trinkaus

Emily Trinkaus

We’re nearing the grand finale of this summer’s Eclipse Season — the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 5. A Lunar Eclipse is a super-potent Full Moon, featuring a rising tide of emotional energy, high pressure, and opportunities for revelation and breakthrough.

At the Lunar Eclipse — when the Earth’s shadow blocks out the light of the Moon — we are confronted with our fear of the dark. The Full Moon that typically lights up the night sky turns a bloody red and darkens, leaving us in the shadows. Even if the Eclipse isn’t visible where you live, the influence is still palpable.



Re-Writing the Wounds of the Spirit
a women’s astrology and Sacred Story workshop
with Emily & Dawn
SAT 8/15 10am-2pm

in Multnomah Village
Cost: $65

Spider Woman weaves a story . . .

Spider Woman weaves a story . . .

2009 features a rare conjunction of Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter, offering opportunities for healing wounds of the Spirit. These “Neptunian” wounds often take the form of addictions, victimization, illusions and fantasies – ways that we unconsciously remain stuck in our limited beliefs and perspectives.

In this workshop, we will use astrology to explore these wounded places from an archetypal perspective and within a larger framework of collective transformation. We’ll also look at where this “Super Conjunction” is happening in your personal birth chart, identifying which areas of your life are calling for healing and growth.

We will use Sacred Story work – a technique involving guided visualization and writing to recreate our lives – to rewrite these old stories of our wounded self and to call in a more liberating story of our inner power and connection with Spirit.

All women are welcome; no previous writing or astrology experience needed.

Contact Emily for more info or to register:, 503-288-7097


Women’s Writing & Astrology Retreat
Archetypes of Feminine Power:
Reclaiming the Dark
with Emily & Dawn
10/16-18, 2009

at Silver Falls

Silver Falls

Silver Falls

In the magical forest of Silver Falls, we meet at the Dark of the Moon – traditionally a time for healing, renewal and regeneration.

Looking at the Moon in our individual birth charts, we’ll explore how feminine archetypes appear and operate in our own lives, and identify the “shadow” aspects of our own expression of the feminine. We’ll use Sacred Story work – a technique using guided visualization and writing to recreate our lives – to reclaim our power from these denied and unconscious parts of ourselves.

We’ll also examine the significance of the Dark Goddess in the context of collective transformation. Approaching the end-date of the 26,000-year Mayan Calendar, we are all now in a “Dark Moon” phase – a time for releasing and transforming structures, systems and ways of being that no longer serve us. In this time of ever-quickening growth and change, how do our individual stories intersect with the unfolding collective drama?

All women are welcome – no previous astrology or writing experience is needed.

More details >>


Emily Trinkaus

Emily Trinkaus

Emily Trinkaus is a writer and astrologer with nearly a decade of experience facilitating workshops. She founded Portland Women Writers and writes for and other astrology websites. See Portland Astrology to learn more about her work. At OmBase she teaches Writing and Yoga classes along with Todd.


Clairvoyant Readings by JRo

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009


A clairvoyant reading is an opportunity to allow me to look at your energy field from a neutral perspective and in present time. This is a very private, personal and confidential experience between you and me.

We sit across from each other in a private and comfortable agreed upon time and location. I will go into a light trance, eyes closed.

You just need to sit back and enjoy the experience. Because I work as a clairvoyant, i see your energy field in the form of color and “pictures”. The reading is basically an interpretation of these images.

I will explain everything I see to you and you can ask as many questions as you need. Any question is fine to ask me.

I will be able to give you a very detailed reading of just what is going on in your space at this time. I read basically all 5 bodies, causal, ethereal, astral, mental and physical, as well as all the energy centers.

Everyone is different so every reading is different depending upon just what is going on with you in this present space-time. I only read present time. I can not tell you what will happen in the future. I can tell you what the future “looks” like but form this present moment. The same is basically the true of the past, however the past has a considerable influence on the present, so it is read with that level of involvement.

I can not see anything that you do not want me to see. This is in your best interest and allows me to focus on just what is relevant to you, and what happens in your reading stays in the reading, confidentiality is understood.

Please understand that I will not be giving you advice, telling you what to do, or making any decisions for you. I tell you what I see, it is entirely up to you what you do with your information.


As we proceed with your reading it becomes apparent that some of the information you have in your space is changing. This essentially is what a healing is, change. My job is to witness this change, validate it and move on. The healing is completed by replenishing the physical body with energy.

JRo will be in Portland from July 15 to July 30.

Please call/email Vittoria at OmBase to book a reading.



1.  Give yourself a couple of hours before your appointment to just feel into where you are at right now.

2. Prepare any questions that you know you want answered, ask as many you need, and feel free to ask anything.

3.  Allow for time after the reading/healing for integration. The physical body needs time for the changes to percolate into it.

4.  Time is essential to healing, some of the changes you create for yourself in your session will take perhaps weeks to complete. I will be able to “see” a time line of this if it is apparent in your reading, and tell you.

5.  And finally, enjoy yourself. A reading/healing is a gracious opportunity to reveal just who you are right now. Be amused and move on to your next experience free from the things that no longer suit you.




, (pronounced J-row) lives in Haiku, Maui, and has been doing Clairvoyant reading/healing and energy work for over 30 years.

Currently JRo travels and brings what he does to different locations through out the mainland U.S..

Readings are $100 for about 1 hour

download a flyer HERE