Interview with Cass: “I teach people how to breathe”

May 2nd, 2010

How did you get into yoga?

I had a friend take me by the hand and take me to my first teacher’s class and say, this is what you need to do. Because I was in a lot of turmoil at the time and fell into it. I started doing her class probably two or three days a week to begin with, and saw what it did, and then I did her class five days a week for a few years. That was in 1986 or 87.

What did it do for you?

Grounded me, first and foremost. And took me to a space that we all have inside that I didn’t know about for a lot of reasons. She was a very powerful teacher, and completely opposite from how I teach, but she sure had the key to that space.

What kind of yoga did she teach?

She was teaching everything. That was the great thing about her — I wouldn’t have stuck if it wasn’t. You were exposed to everything. At the time, nobody taught Pranayama at the beginning of the class. And nobody taught Pranayama unless you’d been doing yoga for one or two years.

She taught Pranayama in every class, which is what resonated with me. I most of the time tell people that I just teach people how to breathe. And she picked up on that too. When I did a little bit for her, she knew that was where my strength was at.

How did you get into teaching?

In a meditation class one night a guy who was teaching at a senior center asked me if I’d be interested in taking over his class, and that’s where it started. I’d been studying with Diane for about five years. And I started doing that, I took over his class, and then it became two, then it became three, then it become two more somewhere else. Then I taught through PCC for a long time.

Then I had a back surgery, and I thought I wasn’t going to teach yoga anymore.

That means you’ve been teaching for over 15 years?

Probably closer to 20. I started teaching in Tigard in 1991. On and off, but mostly teaching one or two classes in the past ten years or so. But then for a long time I taught five or seven classes.

Do you feel like what or how you teach has changed over the years?

Somewhat, but not really. Mostly I teach people how to breathe. It changes depending on what’s going on out there and with my body and that sort of thing, but the breath focus doesn’t change much. Most people live in their head and I consciously with the breath try to bring them back in through that direction.

In the interim I studied with a Tibetan Qi Gong and T’ai Chi teacher for a long time, so I bring in Qi Gong and T’ai Chi and yoga. But they’re all the same thing, they just have different names, they all talk about the same thing, they all have different names.

I say I teach yoga, and I do — it’s the union of the physical and the mental and the energy and the emotional through the breath. That’s the yoga I teach.

What can people expect from your class at OmBase?

The focus is using tools that I try to pass on for deepening awareness of how you work. You work different from how your neighbor works, mostly due to life experiences, and to know that there’s not a right or a wrong way to work. It’s just finding a way to find your center, which to me is the breath work, and everything else follows from there.

If somebody needs a very energetic class in order to focus and pay attention, then they’re not probably going to enjoy my class, because I’m pretty laid-back. It will hopefully bring you into center and give you some tools to work with in your daily life.

My main focus has always been, not that you have to find a set time to do a practice, but that you use what you have. When you’re in the kitchen, do you remember to breathe? I used to do tree pose while I was washing my dishes looking out the window at a field. It’s not about setting aside 45 minutes to do a practice. It’s about checking in. How are you breathing while your day is going on? Have you stretched? Have you given yourself permission to massage your neck? Most of us don’t even go there for a long time.

You mentioned your back surgery — did you use yoga in recovering from that?

I used my breath. Mostly I walked because I was in a really rough transition. I used my breath work a lot, matched it to my step, and walked and walked for months.

I think prior to that I had invested the thought that my yoga might keep me from having to have back surgery. There are just things that happen in your life that you agree to go through, and it helped me in how I went through it and how I emerged from it. The breath definitely carried me through. I needed the breath to keep me here, keep me grounded, keep me walking. I needed to put one foot in front of the other to decide whether I wanted to stay on the path or not. It was a long path.

Anything else you want to add?

Yoga can be anything you want it to be. You can take it as deep as you want, you can keep it as light as you want. And it can look however you want it to look, it doesn’t have to look any particular way.

It’s just one system that shows you a way to flow through the stream of life. There are many. And there are many combinations, and I use them. If I thought it was an either/or I wouldn’t probably be practicing yoga.

But I often say that if it weren’t for yoga and swimming they would have locked me up a long time ago. It’s been pretty magical for me in many aspects of my life. It’s been an amazing ride and continues to be.

Cass teaches “Easy Does It” at OmBase on Wednesdays at 12:30

Coming in June: A gift taken and shared: four weeks, four classes, for change

April 30th, 2010
gift of yoga

gift of yoga

It had been some time since the  last immersion had been offered, and so I was surprised when a couple  of students mentioned that they missed them, and would like to jump into another one.  after having the previous two immersions canceled due to  lack of interest, I wasn’t sure that offering another one would make sense, but my guidance assured me that yes, it would happen and that it was timely and would benefit those who chose to attend.

So, without being attached  to the outcome, I “put it out there” that an immersion was imminent, and over  the course of several weeks, people began to sign up… interestingly, most of  the people who signed up for this immersion were new to this work; and though  it was not apparent to me at the time, this proved to be important.

It  proved to be important because the immersion itself was different.  The  fundamental focus remained the same, but the hiatus or pause since the  previous immersions offered and provided enough space to allow for a  re-framing of the way the immersion happens.

There was clear guidance  on the day to day formatting and sequencing of the various meditations as well as the body of the practices.  Watching all of this unfold helped me to  see anew the power of practice itself… and here’s what I  really want to convey and to share with you.

more than once in a blue moon . . .

more than once in a blue moon . . .

Although we’re all  practicing all of the time, most of what we practice serves to  simply perpetuate what is familiar to us (keeps us ensconced firmly in  our box, and so committed to our perspective..) but when we dare to  try something new on, and I mean literally to wear it, then our perception does indeed shift as a consequence, and so to our lives.

We’ve all helped to create this wonderful space and place we call OmBase – a place where we have the unbridled permission to step out of our costumes and our accustomed ways of being to uncover and so discover something  new… but very few of us are really taking advantage of this gift and embracing what it has to offer us. Typically we drop into a practice here and there, with little commitment to really lean into- to wear and share- what we  uncover and discover as a consequence of our practice. And instead of  allowing it to really move us – even though we may be moved by the practice –  we opt instead to revert back to our more familiar refrain of insisting on resisting.

What I witnessed again through this immersion was just how powerful it is when people simply commit to showing up, and then simply sink into the practice of being—it’s literally life changing and the really good news is that this is the most natural thing one can “do”…. so if  you do show up, it happens.

yoga June

four weeks, four classes in June

So I invite you to consider what keeps you from availing yourself of that which is supporting you?

Could you dare  to give yourself the gift of even committing to just one class a week for  four weeks during the month of June?

Why not ask one of your friends to  join you in this commitment – it’s easier when you have someone to help you –  “….and you’ll also be helping them… and as you show up to  class, not only will you be benefiting, but by helping  OmBase, your presence literally extends this gift to  others.

So let’s give this a shot.. a little experiment.. Four  weeks, Four classes, With a Friend… receive the gift and extend it to  others… and be open for the types of shifts that these recent participants shared below:

“Hi Todd,

Thank you for holding such a great space for the Yoga Immersion class. It was my first entry into yoga other than a few classes here and there. It was the dropping habits focus that actually drew my attention more than the yoga.  Although, I didn’t drop any habits per se, what I discovered was a different connection with myself. A way to tap into that inner knowing – to connect with what do I want. So much of what I do is impulsive or reactive so it was such a pleasure to have a space and time devoted to reconnecting with me that I could work with in my day-to-day life to minimize reactivity. I have been told twice this week that I have softness to my eyes and seem centered. WOW! That is huge as I always feel a bit spinney. My point is when someone on the outside notices a shift then a shift has taken place. I thank you and all in class who shared that space – a yoga sangha!” —  D.D.

“…When I walked out of the studio into daylight, the air felt crisper, the colors brighter, and overall I felt more connection to the universe.What I discovered was a different connection to myself that I have not felt in my years of meditation practice. I connected with my body and moved closer to really feeling into what do I want. I finally understand what it means to get completely out of my head and drop into my feeling self. And, most importantly, I find myself stopping and asking more often what do I want. Taking that minute to ground myself before responding….”.  — D.D. Read the whole blog post

“Hi Todd,

Just saying Thank you for your hard work and the enlightenment you have brought into my life. Thanks for your entire staff to promote Yoga and the great music you have introduced me to. My husband John thanks you too as we like the meditation music but didn’t know which ones to purchase.

The last 3 weeks have been an incredible journey discovering my energy, guides, and a renewed perspective of the river we all share. I believe people close to me are seeing my positive changes. They may not say it, maybe not even conscious of it, but their actions reflect what I feel. Less thinking, more feeling. I love your saying.  — D.C.

To  help support this, I’ll be offering the first Satsang Sarong – Come and Be Embraced about half way through this four weeks (Saturday, June 19th at 6 pm.  It’s free)…. I’d love it if you  joined us… Come and steep in the  energy… there’ll be time for questions too… it’ll be  fun

Prenatal Dance & Yoga!

April 28th, 2010


by Adriana

Prenatal Dance & Yoga is a unique class that combines yoga, deep relaxation, bellydance, and other fluid waves of movement, which are safe for pregnancy. The benefits of dancing and yoga in pregnancy include a beneficial, and natural way to open and strengthen the muscles of the pelvis, hips, thighs and lower back. It promotes baby-bonding, relaxation, grace and balance and also provides you an enjoyable way to embrace the beauty of your beguiling belly.

Bellydance is one of the oldest dances in the world, having roots in goddess worship and fertility rites. It was a way ancient women used to not only celebrate birth but also as a way to condition the body for labor, as many of the movements in bellydance mimic innate birthing movements.

My classes consist of opening with prenatal yoga postures, instruction in basic bellydance moves particularly helpful in relieving common discomforts and to assist women in labor, and ends with a deep, guided relaxation. Classes are taught in a fun, supportive, and nurturing environment.

I  bellydanced throughout my pregnancy. I found the movements extremely valuable in easing discomfort in my hips and especially useful in later pregnancy when I often felt large and awkward. I took full advantage of the array of pelvic movements, shimmies and undulations (often called the birth dance) during labor. After the healthy and natural birth of my son, bellydance helped me get my abdominal and pelvic muscles back into shape. I also would often bellydance while wearing my infant in a sling and he would be instantly comforted and lulled to sleep.

I am a certified yoga instructor and bellydance artist with over 15 years experience as a performer and teacher. I have always loved dancing and have extensive background in many forms of dance and creative movement. Since my own pregnancy, I have become interested in conscious birth and aiding prenatal women through this most amazing life-changing event. I had the blessing to meet Vittoria Palazzi, Part Owner of Ombase and Director of Birth Wisdom, and completed a 4 month prenatal apprenticeship with her. My dance and yoga background serve as interchangeable components in my teaching where I continue to share my life pursuit — connecting with others through Body, Mind and Spirit.

If you are interested in classes or having bellydance at your Baby Shower, please contact me at  or visit

Prenatal Dance & Yoga is a drop-in class, at 12:00 on Sundays at OmBase

FREE talk with Esther Gokhale on becoming pain-free

April 12th, 2010
Esther Gokhale, L.Ac.

Esther Gokhale, L.Ac.

Education – Lecture

Date: Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm


OmBase Yoga Studio
6357 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR 97239
(503) 922-3100

Esther Gokhale, L.Ac. is a world-renowned pain expert and author of” “8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back.” Her work is acclaimed by many and praised by Physicians, Internal Medicine Doctors, Neurosurgeons, and recognized by the Mayo Clinic.

Esther is in town this week teaching a workshop and has agreed to give a FREE TALK at OmBase Thursday, 4/15, from 12-1 pm.

We are inviting all that are interested to come and join us! Teachers, students, friends, anyone that has ever experienced back pain or wants to learn more about Esther Gokhale’s artful, sound guide to better posture and freedom from pain.

Esther teaches the The Gokhale MethodSM which uses healthy posture and movement to help you re-establish your body’s structural integrity and regain a pain-free life.

Her class, the Gokhale MethodSM 101— is a 6-session course that gives you lifelong tools for healthy, pain-free posture and movement. You learn to use everyday movements, like lying, sitting and walking to lengthen and reshape your spine. No special equipment or exercise is required, and effects are often immediate.

Please visit her website: for more information.

Esther Gokhale

Esther Gokhale

Esther Gokhale (go-clay) graduated from Princeton with a degree in biochemistry and earned her C.A. from the San Francisco College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. After personal struggles with back pain, unsuccessful back surgery, and a dismal prognosis, she began what would become a lifelong dedication to understanding and addressing the root causes of pain. After a five-year study and certification in Aplomb®, a French movement re-education technique, Esther traveled to Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America to study posture and movement in populations with a low incidence of back pain. She also continued her academic studies, taking courses in anatomy and anthropology at Stanford. Her education, training, and research enabled her to develop a unique, systematic method of restoring pain-free posture and movement, which she teaches at her Palo Alto clinic. Her technique is now detailed in her first book, 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back’. She currently divides her time between her family, teaching and training in the Gokhale MethodSM, the design of products to support healthy movement, speaking engagements, and ongoing research and data collection.

News from OmBase – April 1st Edition

April 1st, 2010
rainbow's end

rainbow's end

There are a lot of changes in the air
at OmBase scheduled for April!

Some teachers change days/times,
and we say goodbye to one of our long-standing teachers…..
Plus Todd has his first Yoga Immersion in months,
as well as a new class on Tuesday night.

Yoga Immersion
with Todd

4/5-4/23  every weekday 6:30-8 am

Cost: $150-180 sliding scale/pre-registration

Todd Williamson

This is a chance to gather and practice three-five sessions a week. These healing immersions focus on healing and balance through visualization, meditation and yoga asanas. It’s easier to do this “work” around others who are making the same choices… so take advantage of the others’ presence (presents) and join in.

This is the year for change. (the year of the Tiger).  The change is happening, and we’re all immersed in it – you’re immersed in it –  Spending just a bit of time with others who, like you,  are curious about, and more consciously choosing for – uncovering and discovering – something new – a new way of being –  will afford you an ease now, during these times which otherwise may seem daunting and fraught with overwhelming challenges.

In allowing yourself to be supported, you invariably align with, and tune into your Self, and so find yourself supported by the very change you felt at odds with… Open to the magic…

You can find out more about Immersion here.

Please call OmBase, or email Todd/OmBase if you want to sign up.

Decision to hold immersion will be made several days prior to start date, so don’t wait till last moment to let us know!

Yin Yoga at night!
with Todd

TUE 7:30-9 pm, every Tue in April

Cost: drop in donation class

Yin Yoga

Todd will be teaching a yin yoga class every Tuesday in April. You can arrive like to any other classes, and either use your class card or pay a donation.

Come explore what Yin Yoga is all about. Whether you are new to yoga in general, or a seasoned yogi, this is a class you’ll get a lot from.

One of the interesting things about the yin approach is that it benefits the more active person (runner, biker, etc) as well as the less active person (couch potato).

Saying goodbye to Jay….

Jay Fields

Most of you know Jay. She’s been with us from the very beginning of the start of OmBase, and we have known her long before that. She has always been committed to being a part of our family.

Jay is moving on, and she will not be teaching classes at OmBase, but we know we will see her again…

Please join us in wishing Jay the very best in her new endeavors!

Jay has a beautiful new website, and a blog, always worth reading!

Dear friends,

Thank you so very much for being a part of my journey of learning and teaching at OmBase. It’s hard to leave because I will miss the family I have at OmBase, but the “nest,” as it were, has served its purpose–I’m now ready to fly in to new ways of being that are most in alignment with who I am in my work and life now. I feel quite joyful to let go and let myself be taken by the flow of things, which right now means having more time for my private spiritual counseling practice, for workshops, and for writing. Feel free to visit my new website to see what I’m up to…

And I trust that part of the journey is to stay connected to Om as a student, friend, and collaborator.  Until that mystery unveils itself…

Much love,

Same time, different teachers

Yoga Time!

Yoga Time!

We’ve rearranged the schedule a bit starting in April, and the permanent changes are as follows:

TUE 6-7:25 pm 
The Alchemy of Yoga

WED 5:30-7 pm
Hatha Yoga Flow

6-7:25 pm
Hatha Yoga Mix/Vittoria

Please see more on these classes on the class schedule page or on our class description page.

Family Yoga!
with Rachel & Lauren

SAT 4/24 at 2:30 pm

Cost: $10/adult, $5/kid
Please pre-register for this class!

Rachel Plies & Lauren Clark

So many of you have asked about this class, so here it is being offered as a one time event.

Rachel and Lauren have fun with kids and families, and this promises to be a great class for all ages.

Kids, parents and grandparents welcome!

Read more about Rachel and Lauren at BoundlessMotion.

May Preview!
Yin Yoga
MON/WED/FRI 7-8:15 am

Yin Yoga

Todd will be co-teaching the Yin Yoga classes in the morning w/Emily, as Emily will be teaching Yin Yoga as well starting the following month.  This is a series and pre-registration is required.

Look for more info & how to sign up on the website. More on Yin Yoga here.

Introduction to Yoga class series (4 classes)
Join 4 of our teachers
for 4 weeks and discover yoga!

4 weeks, 4 instructors

4 weeks, 4 instructors

This series is for all the people that are uncertain about dropping in to one of our classes because they either have not done yoga, or haven’t been to a class in a long time….

Series will include the basics of:

• yoga poses
• breathing fundamentals
• how to use props

and getting to know four of our teachers here at OmBase.

Time To Be Announced, but most likely it will rotate month to month, sometimes in the evenings, sometimes during the day.

Stay tuned for more!

BodyTalk & Astrology offered
at OmBase….

Emily Trinkaus

Emily Trinkaus

Many of you know already Emily, as she’s been with us from the beginning (and before that!).

Emily is now at OmBase on Fridays, seeing clients.

If you are interested or curious about what she offers, check out her site.

You can contact her directly for an appointment

Enlighten Up!

Enlighten Up!

Movie Night!

Yes, we’ll be having a night every month set aside for a movie which we’ll be showing projected on the large wall of the yoga studio!

When: SAT 4/10 @ 7pm
What: Enlighten Up!!
(very appropriate as it’s about yoga).
You can go here for a link to a trailer.

We’ll accept a small donation if you like, and will donate to a local cause…

Sorry, no kids and no snacks…. 🙁

We love to hear from you!

Your Yoga Story

We want your feedback!
We want to hear what yoga
has done for you,
how it’s changed your life.

It’s a place for YOUR comments…

We want to hear what you have to say!

Send us your stories (long and short) about how yoga & OmBase or a specific teacher has helped you improve your life, healed your body, quieted your mind, and whatever else!

We’ll post the long stories on our blog, to inspire others.

Your deep stretch class is helping me a lot.  I definitely want to come the whole month of August.  I’m not taking a vacation this summer.  Taking your class is like a mini vacation for me every Monday evening!  You and Todd have cultivated a very peaceful and positive environment at your studio“.~ Don

“We’ve both really been enjoying your class and the benefits are already apparent. R. saw his neurologist yesterday and he told us that he could see a noticeable difference in R.’s stance and balance since he saw him 6 months ago. Really good news! Thank you for helping that happen”.   ~ B.

Come to class! & let us know what you’d like….

Spring Daisies

Spring Daisies

Finally, a note from all of us here at OmBase…we need your support now.

We know how much you love the studio, and if you haven’t come to class in a few weeks or more and you’re still reading this, obviously you want to be part of our community.

Please help us spread the word, come to class!  We can’t be here without your assistance and participation.

Also, if there are times/classes that you would like, please let us know.

We’re extending our blessings to you  for
a beautiful, warm and happy spring!

News from OmBase – March 1st Edition

March 2nd, 2010
Pink Dogwood

Pink Dogwood

Once of the most beautiful things about Portland
are all the blooming trees at this time of year.
It’s the best announcement that Spring is here!

Please read on for some of the changes
coming up this month,
as well as special offerings.

See you in class!


Mom & Toddler OM Yoga Class!
with Rachel & Lauren

WED 3/10 – 11-11:45 am

Cost: $14 drop-in


Mom & Toddler OM Yoga

Rachel Plies and Lauren Clark will be teaching a special mom and toddler OM Yoga  class on Wednesday, March 10th.

This class is already full but you can email or call us at 503.922.3100 to be put on the waiting list.

As we have more moms (or dads!) signing up we will create another day and time for this popular class!


Rachel Plies & Lauren Clark

Rachel Plies & Lauren Clark

Rachel and Lauren believe that yoga is available to everyone, even kids! They work with kids in all environments, from after school programs or classroom visits to family yoga workshops and hula hooping themed parties! They provide a safe and comfortable environment that is tailored to each age group to make sure the kids have a fun and nurturing experience.

Read more about Rachel and Lauren at BoundlessMotion.


Seasons Change

Seasons Change

Class changes/cancellations/updates

· The TUE 7:30 pm class has been canceled at this time. Stasia will be back next month with another time/day!

· Vittoria is now teaching the THU 6 pm class until the end of March, and maybe longer. It will be our $5 drop in this month, so come and check it out! It’s a Hatha Yoga Mix.

· The Yin Yoga in the mornings will be a SERIES again next quarter. You will be able to sign up for 3 weekly classes, for the first 3 weeks of each month.

· Keep your eyes out for Movie Night! Coming soon on a Saturday night!

· Louise Lorente is taking 6 weeks off and will be back April 13th. Todd and Cass are taking turns subbing her classes!


Egyptian Inspired Bellydance!
with Adriana

FRI 7:15-8:15 pm

Cost: $10-$5 sliding scale



Discover the ancient art of bellydance with Adriana, a light-hearted & thoughtful dance artist and instructor with over 15 years experience. Adriana offers a holistic approach that gives freedom to express your own personal flow of creativity from within.

Bellydance is a great form of exercise for women of all ages, shapes & sizes! You can develop body awareness, grace, balance, strength, & fluidity and embrace your Divine Beauty. It’s a natural complement to a woman’s bone and muscle structure with movements coming mainly from the torso. You will learn how to isolate different parts of the body, moving them independently as well as layering movements in fluid patterns and in quick short accents, weaving together the entire feminine essence, and using the movements as a form of creative expression.



This class will have a strong focus on proper technique and foundation movements, as well as learning choreography. This will eventually allow you the freedom to improvise, and we will explore this in class.

We will also delve into other bellydance styles, fusion and the use of props, such as veils & zylls.

Wear loose comfortable clothing and a hip-scarf.

To read more about Adriana,
see her website at:


Spring Equinox Shamanic Sound Healing
with Dagmar

SUN 3/21 – 6:30-8:30 pm

Cost: $25 by 3/14, $30 after

Dagmar Luenser

Dagmar Luenser

In the way of the shamanic tradition, Dagmar will lead you through a sound journey to help release blocks and discordant energies, restore a sense of wholeness and well-being and connect you with your own inner guidance. Through the sound of her voice, shamanic tools and instruments such as drums, rattles and singing bowls, rituals unfold that awaken your heart’s intelligence and serve as a gateway to transformation and awareness.

Dagmar is a sound and energy healer with a private practice in SW Portland. Trained in shamanic work, sound healing, Spiritual Response Therapy and Reiki, she helps individuals come into balance and connect more deeply to their soul’s path.

Contact Dagmar Luenser


Did you miss Todd’s meditation?
You can hear it here!

Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson

New Show: Free Range Meditation
Weekdays at 8AM
PDX.FM Channel Two
Hosted by Todd Williamson

You can now hear Todd’s meditations, recorded during class.

“When I close my eyes, I see my childhood in Africa; wild animals, blankets of stars, clear waters full of fish, and me, lying in the arms of a tree swaying gently in the breeze. Nature caught me in her grip early, and the feeling was unmistakable. In later years, when I found myself in more urban settings, I was always looking for ways to find that same feeling – the vastness, the embrace, the unmistakable feeling of being a part of it. It was yoga and meditation that took me there. With each 30 minute session that we share, I hope that I can help you find your own sanctuary amidst the rapid movement of life. There are stars, wild animals and tall trees in our own everyday world. It is my goal to help you sway in the breeze.” ~ Todd Williamson

Go to for more.


Need a wedding photographer?
Call Josh!

Joshua Seaman Wedding Photography

Joshua Seaman Wedding Photography

Josh Seaman created our website as well as has taken most of the photos on it. He’s passionate about photography and people. If you are planning on an event, or a wedding, or want to capture any other meaningful time in your life, he’s the man you want to call!

Joshua Seaman photography is at your service for wedding photography, engagement session photos, bridal photos, artistic wedding photography for your Portland or destination wedding.

The photographic memories of your wedding day are eternal, so let Joshua’s eye for artistic wedding photography capture it all as your wedding photographer. Whether for  local Portland wedding, rural Oregon wedding, Seattle wedding, or destination wedding photography, Joshua Seaman is always willing to travel to be there as a dependable wedding photographer. He enjoys everything from the grand wedding, to the intimate  wedding ceremony, he is always happy to help you find a compatible wedding photography package to suit your needs.

See a gallery of wedding photos HERE!


News from OmBase – February 1st Edition

February 1st, 2010


Our new classes this past month did fabulously well, surely in part because of our $5 drop in offer. We know many of you will keep coming back to OmBase to continue taking those classes and others as well!

And because so many of you appreciate the lower price, we’ve decided for now to add one $5 drop in class each month. Please read on for more about this, as well as other new offerings!


Sound Meditation & Toning Circle
with Dagmar

THU 7:30-9 pm
starts 2/4/10

Cost: by donation

Dagmar Luenser

Dagmar Luenser

During this weekly offering, we start with a sound meditation, where you simply sit or lie quietly and allow the gentle sounds of bells, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and chimes to soothe your body and mind. Then you are invited to tone together as a group, where you are encouraged to use your voice and let sounds come through you.

Toning is the elongation of a note or tone using breath and voice. It is an active vocal healing meditation that can help you re-discover your authentic voice, reduce stress, restore balance and connect you with the deeper rhythms and vibrations of your being. No singing experience is required.


Dagmar is a gifted sound and energy healer with a private practice in SW Portland. Trained in shamanic work, sound healing, Spiritual Response Therapy and Reiki, she helps individuals come into balance and connect more deeply to their soul’s path.

Dagmar Luenser
503.490.3671 or


Guided From Within: Tools for Revelationary Living
with Jay Fields

SUN 2/7 – 7 pm

Cost: FREE!

Jay Fields

Jay Fields

This event is a talk Jay will be giving. Please come early to get seated. Chairs and zafus available, or bring your own cushion.

From Jay:

“I will share with you the Revelationary Living Cycle, a model that I created that is based on Erich Schiffmann’s approach to yoga and on the theories of deep ecology and integral education. A mixture of personal stories from my life and my work with clients, current research, and simple experiential explorations, in this talk I will reveal how:

· The Revelationary Living Cycle is concerned with how to be more consistently in tune with your relationship with Spirit and offers simple tools for how that connection can inform your every day actions.”

Feel free to email Jay with any questions you may have.


February’s $5 class
with Todd

WED 7:15 pm

We have decided to offer the $5 drop in class every month for a while!

Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson

Take advantage of this month’s class: Wednesday’s Blisyoga with Todd every Wed at 7:15 pm.

About Blisyoga:

Typically starts with a 20-30 minute guided meditation, breathing, and sounding  followed by some gentle movements to warm up.

Often we’ll stay on the floor for most of the class, but each class is different and we may find ourselves on the bars. We use a lot of props, as they lend and offer support in a wider range of movement possibilities.

Many, if not most of the movements and poses may are different from what you may have learned in more classic hatha and vinyasa style classes.

Mixed levels

For more on BLIS Yoga, please see our class descriptions. More at BLIS Yoga.


Annie Meyer‘s art
NOW at OmBase

Annie Meyer

Annie Meyer

You can see Annie Meyer’s art hanging at our studio now!

Annie is a local artist Todd and I found a few years back and we love her art!

From Annie:

“I consider myself a painter, but work in 3 different mediums: Painting (primarily oil and acrylic paintings), monotype prints, and ceramic tiles. Essentially my work is the same theme, but expressed differently due to the difference in mediums. My subject manner is the human figure, and abstract French Landscapes. I have been drawing the figure since high school, and I work directly from a live model.

All of my work is original. I have no reproductions.”

Everything that is hanging at OmBase is for sale, so ask the front desk for more info, or check out Annie’s website.


Calling all old calendars…

Megan Hooker

Megan Hooker

Have you seen Megan’s work at OmBase? She makes lovely recycled cards out of calendars!

What better way to recycle your calendar? Knowing that somebody, somewhere, is receiving the image you’ve looked at for months….

If you still have a 2009 calendar (or older!) that you have no use for, please bring it to OmBase and we’ll get it to Megan.

Favorites are nature, pets, scenery of any kind.



Hawaii, here I come?

Kailua rental

Kailua rental

You all know Joanne in a sense, as she’s the architect that designed OmBase.

You can see the beauty she has helped created every time you come to class.

Joanne has a sweet rental home in Hawaii she wants you to know about. You can go here to find out more.


News from OmBase – January 6th Edition

January 6th, 2010

Levitation Meditation

Levitation Meditation

We’re excited to let you know of new classes and additions
to our schedule for this first month of the new decade.

Even if you are not planning to learn to levitate,
there will be plenty for you to choose from!


$5 drop in classes for the entire month!

These classes are offered at a drop in rate of $5 for everybody, throughout the month. Try something new!

Deep Clarity Yoga
TUE 7:30-9 pm
with Stasia

Hatha Yoga Flow
FRI 5:45-7 pm 
with Adriana

Prenatal Belly Dance and Yoga
SUN 12-1:15 pm
with Adriana


Try something NEW!
Take 2 classes for the price of 1

(for current students with a class card)

2 for 1

2 for 1

You can take 2 new teachers (new to you) for the price of one class!

For example, let’s say you’ve been coming to Todd’s class, but have never tried another teacher. Well, this month you can take 2 new teachers (anyone you choose that you have never tried) and pay for just one class!

And then you can do it again for the next 2 new teachers! Go wild! Try everyone’s class!

We have more offerings so there’s more to choose from . . .


Yin Yoga — an ongoing class offering
M/W/F  7-8:15 am
first 3 weeks of each month

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

Todd’s teaching the Yin Yoga series 3 days a week (Mon/Wed/Fri) for the first 3 weeks of each month.

This class is now open to drop-in, so you can pay with your class card or pay a $14 drop in rate.

If you want to take advantage of the discount ($81-$90 sliding scale) you’ll need to sign up for the entire 3 weeks.

Please see our class descriptions and scroll down to the end to read more about the great benefits of a yin practice and see our class schedule page.


BLIS Yoga at night!
WED 7:15-9 pm – ongoing
with Todd

BLIS Yoga—Todd Williamson

BLIS Yoga—Todd Williamson

Todd will be teaching another Blisyoga class on Wednesday nights starting this week!

For all of you that can’t or won’t get up early enough to catch one of his classes, now you have no excuse!

For more on BLIS Yoga, please see our class descriptions. More at BLIS Yoga.


Relaxation 101
SUN 5-6 pm

Relaxation 101

Relaxation 101

This class was offered last Fall as a series and it’s now on our schedule as a drop in class (you can sign up as a 10 week series if you choose to).

There is no physical yoga in this class, and you’ll have a chance to relax, go inward, meditate and relax very deeply, either lying down or sitting as you choose.

Meditation, visualization, progressive relaxation combined with crystal bowls and other sounds, Yoga Nidra, and more. This class is taught by different teachers, so come and enjoy the different feel every week!

Please Note it runs for 10 weeks only.


Coming up next month!
Sound Meditation and Toning Circle
THURSDAYS 7:30-8:30 pm
Starts on 2/4/10

Dagmar Luenser

Dagmar Luenser

Dagmar will be facilitating a Sound Meditation and Toning Circle every Thursday night, from 7:30-8:30 pm. Starts on 2/4/10.

All welcome. It is donation based, but for convenience you can use your class card as well.

Drop in OK, no registration required.

If you want more details please email Dagmar directly at:



Be on time for Yoga!

Be on time for Yoga!

Every once in a while we’d like to remind our students about not coming to class late.

Entering the yoga room at the beginning of a class when there is a meditation going on is disrupting for most of the students.

So if you are more than just 5 minutes late, and the meditation has started, please wait in the reception until the meditation portion is over, and then enter QUIETLY.

If the class has just started, you can enter quietly and sit or lie down close to the door – like on the little carpet by the fire, or just close to the door, so as to disturb as little as possible.

Please wait to set up your mat and get your props until after the meditation is over.

We appreciate your understanding ….. Namasté

sepOffers & Interests

Buy a 5 class card this month…..

OmBase Bags

OmBase totes

….and get a free OmBase tote!



$20 - 1 week of unlimited yoga

$20 - 1 week of unlimited yoga

$20 for a week of unlimited yoga!



If you are interested in Family Yoga, we’d love to hear from you!

Family Yoga

Family Yoga

Please fill out our online survey.


News from OmBase – December 4th Edition

December 4th, 2009

Holiday Cardinals

Holiday Cardinals

This news arrives a bit later than usual
and finds us into the holiday season already!

Please see the front page of our website
for Special Holiday Classes and canceled classes this month.

May your holiday season
be blessed with love and peace


Winter Solstice Shamanic Sound Healing
with Dagmar

2 hr event
SUN 12/20 6:30-8:30 pm

Cost: $25 prior to 12/13, $30 after

Dagmar Luenser

Dagmar Luenser

As we approach the longest nights of the year, the magical time that in German is called the “hallowed nights”, you are invited to a Winter Solstice Shamanic Sound Healing event with Dagmar.

Dagmar will lead you through a sound journey to help release blocks and discordant energies, restore a sense of wholeness and well-being and connect you with your own inner guidance. Through the sound of her voice, shamanic tools and instruments such as drums, rattles and singing bowls, rituals unfold that awaken your heart’s intelligence and serve as a gateway to transformation and awareness.

Dagmar, who moved to Portland from Germany 7 years ago, is a gifted sound and energy healer. She draws her inspiration not only from her European roots, but from a universal and multidimensional understanding. Through the sound of her voice, shamanic tools and instruments such as drums, rattles and singing bowls, rituals unfold that awaken your heart’s intelligence and serve as a gateway to transformation and awareness.


NEW Classes coming up in January!

Deep Clarity Yoga
with Stasia

TUE 7:30-9 pm

starts 1/5/10

Stasia Bliss

Stasia Bliss

A great relaxing class for the ones of you that can’t make an earlier time.

Bring yourself into a deep and abiding sense of bliss and renewal at the end of your day.

Allow masterful poses, dynamic breathing, and inner vision to soak your being with the graceful experience you crave and turn your night time into the deep rest you deserve.

To give you more incentive to come to class, Stasia’s class will be $5 drop in for the entire month of January!


with Todd

WED 7:15-9 pm

starts 1/6/10

Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson

Todd’s finally teaching BLIS Yoga at nights, so all of you that love his classes but don’t like to get up early, can now come to this one!

It’s a little longer too, so you can go straight to bed when you get home…

Typically starts with a 20-30 minute guided meditation, breathing, and sounding  followed by some gentle movements to warm up.

Often we’ll stay on the floor for most of the class, but each class is different and we may find ourselves on the bars. We use a lot of props, as they lend and offer support in a wider range of movement possibilities.

Many, if not most of the movements and poses may are different from what you may have learned in more classic hatha and vinyasa style classes.

More at BLIS Yoga.


Classical Hatha Yoga

with Adriana

FRI 5:45-7 pm

starts 1/8/10



Adriana will be taking over the Friday night slot with a new Classical Hatha Yoga class.

Learn to focus through the classical hatha yoga sun salutations and other flowing vinyasas, which link breath with movement as well as the classical hatha yoga asanas (postures).

Classes are open to all levels, however you are encouraged to work at your own pace.

Check out the full description on the class schedule page. Adriana’s class will also be $5 drop in for the entire month of January!


Prenatal Belly Dance & Yoga
with Adriana

SUN 12-1:15 pm

starts 1/10/10

Prenatal Belly Dance & Yoga

Prenatal Belly Dance & Yoga

Finally, another option for the moms-to-be that love to come to yoga on Saturday!

Adriana is offering bellydance and yoga for pregnant women of all levels and in any trimester.

With ancient roots in fertility rites and goddess worship, it has deep spiritual significance for women and has undergone many cultural migrations; an ever-changing and evolving art.

No prior belly dance or yoga experience. Come and have fun!

This class w/Adriana will also be $5 drop in for the entire month of January!


Updates and changes in the New Year

January, February & March

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga Series M/W/F 7-8:15 am $81-90 sliding scale, or

use your class card or drop in for $14.

A Yin Yoga Series is offered each month, 3 times a week (M W F) for the first three weeks of each month. It is now also open to drop into for the ones of you that cannot make it as often.

Typically, it will always start the first Monday of each month and end on the 3rd Friday. It’s always 3 weeks on, 1 week off.

Starting in January, registration for the AM Yin Yoga Series will be at the front desk — pre-payment required for the discounted price — or, you may choose to drop in when you can, and simply use your class card.

The dates are listed on the class schedule page for the entire term (3 months).


Sacred Nourishment:
A group health counseling class

with Jenna Abernathy

WED 7-9pm
begins 1/27/10

Cost: $395, register by the new year and receive 10% off. Sign up with a friend and you both receive an additional 10% off!

Please notice this class is off-site, address below.

Sacred Nourishment

Sacred Nourishment

Come prepared to transform your relationship with food and yourself. Increase your vibrancy as you learn how you really can trust your body.

This class is packed with tools to help you reach your health and life goals including: new healthy foods, mindfulness meditation, group support, easy cooking ideas, reflective writing, and much more. Handouts, samples, an extensive lending library, and other materials are included.

This is a 5-month program of 10 classes starting Wednesday, January 27th and continuing on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month from 7 to 9 pm.

Space is limited.

Jenna Abernathy

Jenna Abernathy

Call Jenna at 503.235.3499
or email
Class Location:
Portland, OR 97211

Check out Jenna’s site:


Free Lecture!
with Jay Fields

MON 1/4/10

Felix’s Motion Massage Studio
1829 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR 97211

From Jay:

Jay Fields

Jay Fields

“My presentation is about the confluence of ecology and yoga, relationship and consciousness.

I will share with you the Embodied Living Cycle (ELC), a model for psychospiritual development that I created based on Erich Schiffmann‘s approach to yoga and the theories of deep ecology and integral education.”

Please read more on Jay’s blog.


Practice Time
THU 4:30-5:30 pm

OmBase Studio

OmBase Studio

Reminding all of you that prefer an earlier time to do yoga, and are comfortable doing a practice without a teacher, we still offer a practice time on Thursdays 4:30-5:30 pm.

A time for you to come and practice! Studio is open, come on in. Again, there is no teacher instructing (although there may be teachers there practicing). Take advantage of the open time to do your own meditation or yoga practice inspired by others doing the same.

Try it out!

A small donation of $2-4 for heat/air
and other maintenance costs is welcome.


Recycle Your Mat – Studio Recycling FAQs

December 3rd, 2009

Reduce. Reuse. RecycleYourMat.

What yoga mats can be recycled and upcycled?

Whether yours is plastic, jute, PVC, natural rubber, latex or whatever – we recycle them all! No matter what your yoga mat is made from, we can make it into something else.

Do I need to wash my mat before I recycle it?

Just like glass, paper and plastic recycling, yoga mats should be cleaned prior to recycling. We suggest using these cleaning methods from Yoga Journal:

“If your mat is lightly soiled, spray a solution of 2 cups water and 4 drops dish soap on a clean cloth. Rub the soiled mat areas. Wipe the mat with clean water, wipe dry with clean towel, then hang to dry.

If your mat is heavily soiled, submerge it in a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Thoroughly hand wash the mat and rinse in clean water. After squeezing out the excess water, lay the mat on a dry towel and roll the mat and towel together. Stepping on the rolled up mat will squeeze more moisture out of the mat and into the towel. Then unroll and hang to air dry.”

Why is there a fee for recycling my mat?

Much like a non-profit, Recycle Your Mat provides a public service. We believe in waste diversion and planetary health, but simply cannot afford to cover shipping costs. Recycling your mat at (y)our studio OmBase:

1) Saves you money – paying a mat recycling fee at a studio is three to five times cheaper than sending an individual mat to Recycle Your Mat directly.

2) Saves resources – grouping mats for shipment saves valuable resources by bundle shipping, instead of sending one mat at a time.

3) Saves packaging – grouped mats in boxes take less material to ship than individually wrapped mats.

What does Recycle Your Mat do with my mat?

Recycle, upcycle and donation. In 2008 and 2009 we worked with small US businesses to turn mats into other products and to support each other as we work to grow sustainable businesses. Each year more than 30% of mats collected are donated to community programs.

I have more questions, who should I contact?

For more information please visit or call (541) 556 – 9191.


Recycle Your Mat: The backstory

Stephanie Stano

Stephanie Stano

Yoga practitioner and Recycle Your Mat founder Stephanie Stano has been passionate about nature and social issues since her youth. Always active in the outdoors, no matter the weather or location, Stephanie knew at a young age that nature nurtures the potential inside us all.

During her career she’s focused on working for non-profit organizations, outdoor lifestyle companies and volunteering her time to social causes. It’s this passion for the outdoors and personal development that are the foundation of Recycle Your Mat.

Since Recycle Your Mat‘s beginning in early 2008, the business has been centered around two main objectives – recycle and upcycle mats as new products and reuse mats through donation. These objectives are met through yoga mat collection at yoga studios, fitness centers and through individual’s shipments of yoga mats.

Recycle Your Mat believes yoga is sacred, and yogis can honor our practice by collectively furthering our responsibility to the planet. Just like yoga restores our body, soul and mind, the materials that support our practice can save mountains, streams and other biodynamic places.

Recycle Your Mat adheres to the triple bottom line by striving for planetary, community and financial health. The people of Recycle Your Mat, as individuals and together as an organization, seek to solve environmental challenges in a socially responsible manner.


Recycle Your Mat
4777 Larkwood Street
Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 556 – 9191

Twitter: RecycleYourMat