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Teacher Feature • Interview With Louise

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

How did you get into yoga?

I started taking yoga in college. Although I felt a connection, I put yoga on hold as life brought a teaching career, family and a move to Europe. My search for yoga continued when I became ill about 9 or 10 years ago. Nothing that I was doing allopathically was helping, so I started looking for other ways of healing.

I’ve always been very athletic, participating in many sports throughout my life. After many injuries, my chiropractor said, “I think it’s time you put down the weights and start using your own body as a weight.” He suggested that I do yoga, and so my search began.

Because I was a type A athlete I went straight to Bikram and, for several years, took weekly classes. Next, I studied Ashtanga and several other power yoga classes. I knew none of it was working. In fact, these classes were making me feel worse. I went from teacher to teacher. I knew that there was something missing for me in these classes, yet knew deep down that yoga was my path. I now realize I hadn’t found my teacher. Then I found Todd.

How did you find Todd?

Divine intervention! My dis-ease had become so severe I could barely walk. I needed help with basic needs such as showering and going to the bathroom. When I could walk to my car I drove to a gym that had recently opened near my home. I had heard they offered yoga and asked if there was someone who taught a really gentle yoga class. They guided me to Todd.

I went into his class and, immediately, my whole body relaxed. I lay in Savasana for a month, not moving, just breathing. For the first time in a yoga class, I could finally be whoever I was. I didn’t really know this then. All I knew was it felt good to lie down and breathe.

I continued taking classes with Todd and got to the point where I attended his classes every day he taught. Also, I did all his immersions and continued this way for several years.

What changed for you after a month of Savasana?

I could move! I could do one movement and then more and, finally, was able to do the entire class. At last I was finding my own way through yoga as opposed to being told what to do, and that’s what hooked me. The path had been opened and there was no turning back.

How did you start teaching?

I’m a retired school teacher, I taught for 28 years, every level from pre-school through college through adult ed – so teaching is in my blood. I know that I’m here to be a teacher, something I knew from a very young age. After several years with Todd an idea sprouted – what would it be like to teach yoga? Then one day Todd asked me, “When are you going to start teaching?” I told him I was thinking about teaching at senior centers, but wasn’t sure how to go about it.

I think that every yoga teacher has a story about how they became a yoga teacher. I believe we all have a definitive moment when the calling is clear. My husband and I had gone to, of all places, Las Vegas. My son and his ex-wife had invited us there. This was the last place on earth I wanted to go, but we went.

We were at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and I was going up and down some outside stairs, using them like a Stairmaster, and walking around the property. There was a woman sitting on the stairs. After awhile she said, “I should be doing what you’re doing – exercising.” I replied, “I have to move my body, that’s the way I am. I just love to be in motion.”

Every time I came by she had something else to say so I finally stopped and we continued talking. She asked what line of work I was doing. I told her I was retired but trying to figure out what the next phase of my life would be. She persisted by asking if I had any concrete ideas. I responded by saying, “Well, I’ve been thinking of teaching yoga at senior centers.”

As we talked more we discovered we were both from Portland and I discovered that she was in charge of Senior Services for Oregon. Suddenly, without hesitation, she took out her phone, dialed a number, which was the Robison Home in Portland, and said, “I have somebody here who wants to teach at a senior center, are you guys interested?”

That was it! The path was made clear. I came back to Portland and started volunteering at the Robison Home, one day a week. I didn’t want to commit to teaching for money yet. One volunteering day became one volunteer and one paid day. Then it became three paid days and one volunteer day. After a recent article was published in the Jewish Review, highlighting my work at the Robison Home, my yoga teaching grew even more. Every week I get at least one phone call asking me to teach at a senior center. There is such a great need for this kind of work.

At the same time I was teaching at the Robison Home, I started teaching a gentle class at The Yoga Space in Portland. That studio moved and Todd invited me to teach at his home studio, Sacred Onion. I now teach the Easy Does It class at OmBase on Monday and the Restore & Renew class on Friday.

What would you say your approach is as a teacher?

I took the teacher training course with Erich Schiffmann, who is Todd’s teacher. What I learned from Erich was, the first thing you must do to become a yoga teacher is learn to meditate. From your meditation practice comes inspiration for a personal yoga practice, and from that comes inspiration for teaching. That’s my approach. I use all my past yoga experience, along with Todd’s mentoring and Erich’s teacher training to guide my teaching. However, more than anything, I use inspiration that comes from daily meditation practice.

What I do at the Robison Home and other senior centers and at OmBase was not taught to me. I simply get online, open up and inspiration comes through. This is what I learned from Todd and Erich, to find my own voice. I believe a teacher, no matter what the subject, must find their own voice, their own inspiration.

What is it that draws you to working with seniors?

All I can say is the idea just came to me one day. Let’s call it inspiration! This is what meditation does. It clears your mind. It sweeps everything clean so that creativity can come through. My belief is that inspiration gives birth to creativity.

I am 63. At the time I did my teacher training I was 60, so I’m a senior. I know what it feels like to age in our culture. Also, I saw the agonizing way my mother died and feel that if she had had something that was a support for her, her death may have been different. However, most of all, my work with seniors was inspired from a place deep within.

How would you describe your classes at OmBase?

Because of all the physical challenges I have faced throughout my life, I have learned about the body and I have learned how to adapt yoga poses to the needs of people who find it challenging to find a class that would meet them where they are. Students comment that they’ve tried what was labeled a gentle class, yet it wasn’t gentle enough but that my class is.

I can truly tune in and understand – energetically, physically, emotionally – what the student needs and meet that need. I would say my strength lies in adaptive yoga, adapting yoga to the needs of people with specific health and emotional issues.

Do you have a general intention around what you hope your students get from your classes?

LouiseIt changes as my own practice unfolds – as I understand myself more, where my physical challenges come from and the feelings they bring up. At first the classes were more focused on the dis-ease. Now it’s more like, let’s honor your scoliosis and also look underneath it. Let’s look beneath the scoliosis and see what that brings up.

Students say that my class is the first yoga class that they’ve been able to do because of the meditative quality and the way I adapt poses to fit the needs of each participant. My class is not for someone who wants to work out. It’s for someone who really wants to go inward and perhaps discover things about themselves that might make a difference as far as how they feel about their physical, emotional and spiritual body. This being said I have never felt stronger in my physical body as I do now. My sense is that this deep work – using asanas, meditation, and the breath – allows the body to function at an entirely different level which promotes healing, strength and peace.

My target population is made up of seniors, people with mobility issues, and people with specific physical challenges that haven’t been met in other yoga classes or other exercise classes they’ve tried. Many have been fearful of starting yoga. Yet in my class they feel support and connection.

What I am truly trying to help people discover through yoga is their own innate wisdom. My experience has shown me that by tapping into our innate wisdom we come to know who we are and, in doing so, find purpose in life. How I plan a class, how I am inspired is by tapping into my innate wisdom. That’s what I want to share with my students. Basically it’s about finding that place of peace, that internal wisdom, and from there your life can change.

My hope is that students will develop a relationship with their physical, emotional and spiritual selves. As students develop this relationship, they come to see their bodies as allies and are able to work with and not against any physical/emotional challenge that come their way. Life becomes smoother somehow and with that comes an acceptance of the good and bad, the smooth and rough, the hot and cold. All experiences come to be seen as teachers along the path. Yoga becomes one’s life and one’s life becomes yoga.

What do you get from teaching your classes?

Much, much more than the students get! First of all, it allows me to tap into my innate wisdom, it allows me to completely shed everything and just be this vehicle, opening up to the universe and transmitting the gift of yoga that I’ve been given. For me yoga is not just about the asanas – that’s part of it, but it’s so much more.

All my life I’ve had physical and emotional pain, but when I’m teaching, I have no pain. When I’m not teaching the pain has been reduced to background noise. It’s no longer roaring in the forefront. Most of all, I get the opportunity to see the same change that has happened within me, manifesting in others. I witness others tapping into their inner guidance and, as they do so, their lives change. This is the gift I receive every time I teach.

News from OmBase – March 1st Edition

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010
Pink Dogwood

Pink Dogwood

Once of the most beautiful things about Portland
are all the blooming trees at this time of year.
It’s the best announcement that Spring is here!

Please read on for some of the changes
coming up this month,
as well as special offerings.

See you in class!


Mom & Toddler OM Yoga Class!
with Rachel & Lauren

WED 3/10 – 11-11:45 am

Cost: $14 drop-in


Mom & Toddler OM Yoga

Rachel Plies and Lauren Clark will be teaching a special mom and toddler OM Yoga  class on Wednesday, March 10th.

This class is already full but you can email or call us at 503.922.3100 to be put on the waiting list.

As we have more moms (or dads!) signing up we will create another day and time for this popular class!


Rachel Plies & Lauren Clark

Rachel Plies & Lauren Clark

Rachel and Lauren believe that yoga is available to everyone, even kids! They work with kids in all environments, from after school programs or classroom visits to family yoga workshops and hula hooping themed parties! They provide a safe and comfortable environment that is tailored to each age group to make sure the kids have a fun and nurturing experience.

Read more about Rachel and Lauren at BoundlessMotion.


Seasons Change

Seasons Change

Class changes/cancellations/updates

· The TUE 7:30 pm class has been canceled at this time. Stasia will be back next month with another time/day!

· Vittoria is now teaching the THU 6 pm class until the end of March, and maybe longer. It will be our $5 drop in this month, so come and check it out! It’s a Hatha Yoga Mix.

· The Yin Yoga in the mornings will be a SERIES again next quarter. You will be able to sign up for 3 weekly classes, for the first 3 weeks of each month.

· Keep your eyes out for Movie Night! Coming soon on a Saturday night!

· Louise Lorente is taking 6 weeks off and will be back April 13th. Todd and Cass are taking turns subbing her classes!


Egyptian Inspired Bellydance!
with Adriana

FRI 7:15-8:15 pm

Cost: $10-$5 sliding scale



Discover the ancient art of bellydance with Adriana, a light-hearted & thoughtful dance artist and instructor with over 15 years experience. Adriana offers a holistic approach that gives freedom to express your own personal flow of creativity from within.

Bellydance is a great form of exercise for women of all ages, shapes & sizes! You can develop body awareness, grace, balance, strength, & fluidity and embrace your Divine Beauty. It’s a natural complement to a woman’s bone and muscle structure with movements coming mainly from the torso. You will learn how to isolate different parts of the body, moving them independently as well as layering movements in fluid patterns and in quick short accents, weaving together the entire feminine essence, and using the movements as a form of creative expression.



This class will have a strong focus on proper technique and foundation movements, as well as learning choreography. This will eventually allow you the freedom to improvise, and we will explore this in class.

We will also delve into other bellydance styles, fusion and the use of props, such as veils & zylls.

Wear loose comfortable clothing and a hip-scarf.

To read more about Adriana,
see her website at:


Spring Equinox Shamanic Sound Healing
with Dagmar

SUN 3/21 – 6:30-8:30 pm

Cost: $25 by 3/14, $30 after

Dagmar Luenser

Dagmar Luenser

In the way of the shamanic tradition, Dagmar will lead you through a sound journey to help release blocks and discordant energies, restore a sense of wholeness and well-being and connect you with your own inner guidance. Through the sound of her voice, shamanic tools and instruments such as drums, rattles and singing bowls, rituals unfold that awaken your heart’s intelligence and serve as a gateway to transformation and awareness.

Dagmar is a sound and energy healer with a private practice in SW Portland. Trained in shamanic work, sound healing, Spiritual Response Therapy and Reiki, she helps individuals come into balance and connect more deeply to their soul’s path.

Contact Dagmar Luenser


Did you miss Todd’s meditation?
You can hear it here!

Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson

New Show: Free Range Meditation
Weekdays at 8AM
PDX.FM Channel Two
Hosted by Todd Williamson

You can now hear Todd’s meditations, recorded during class.

“When I close my eyes, I see my childhood in Africa; wild animals, blankets of stars, clear waters full of fish, and me, lying in the arms of a tree swaying gently in the breeze. Nature caught me in her grip early, and the feeling was unmistakable. In later years, when I found myself in more urban settings, I was always looking for ways to find that same feeling – the vastness, the embrace, the unmistakable feeling of being a part of it. It was yoga and meditation that took me there. With each 30 minute session that we share, I hope that I can help you find your own sanctuary amidst the rapid movement of life. There are stars, wild animals and tall trees in our own everyday world. It is my goal to help you sway in the breeze.” ~ Todd Williamson

Go to for more.


Need a wedding photographer?
Call Josh!

Joshua Seaman Wedding Photography

Joshua Seaman Wedding Photography

Josh Seaman created our website as well as has taken most of the photos on it. He’s passionate about photography and people. If you are planning on an event, or a wedding, or want to capture any other meaningful time in your life, he’s the man you want to call!

Joshua Seaman photography is at your service for wedding photography, engagement session photos, bridal photos, artistic wedding photography for your Portland or destination wedding.

The photographic memories of your wedding day are eternal, so let Joshua’s eye for artistic wedding photography capture it all as your wedding photographer. Whether for  local Portland wedding, rural Oregon wedding, Seattle wedding, or destination wedding photography, Joshua Seaman is always willing to travel to be there as a dependable wedding photographer. He enjoys everything from the grand wedding, to the intimate  wedding ceremony, he is always happy to help you find a compatible wedding photography package to suit your needs.

See a gallery of wedding photos HERE!


News from OmBase – September 29th Edition

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

sepOctober News

Om Kitty

Om Kitty

Last October at this time we were rushing to finish painting and adding the last minute touches to our OmBase studio! It’s been a whole year!

We’d like to invite you all to our

Om Cake

Om Cake

First Year Anniversary Party

Sunday, October 18th
12-4 pm

We’ll be giving away prizes, have fabulous food (an amazing cake from Baker & Spice), and much more! Feel free to bring something to share . . .

We also have several additions, changes and updates to let you know about, so please read on!


Stress Relief Fun Drive is ON!
Spread the Joy, Make a Difference!

Have you heard about our fun(d) drive? We would love for you to participate! The drawing for the prizes will be at our First Year Anniversary Party Sunday, October 18th from 12-4 pm. It’s a way for you to help OmBase become stronger in its foundation and be able to spread more light all around. At this time we don’t need any more donations, but we’d love to sell more tickets! So all those fabulous people that donated can actually give their gifts to you. Please see our blog page here for more and consider buying a ticket!

You can buy a ticket…help OmBase & win a prize!

The number of tickets sold will match the number of gifts donated- the total number not to exceed 200 sold. Odds for winning a prize are 100% while the odds for a specific prize will depend on the total number of tickets sold, but will be no greater then 1 in 200 (good odds :) )

How to buy a ticket: (4 ways you can do that!)

1. Come into the studio and pay with cash, credit card or check

2. Call us at OmBase with your credit card

3. Send a check to OmBase

4. Use our online store
Cash or check is preferred – as it costs us nothing – Credit card at the studio is preferred over online purchases, but please use what is most convenient for you.


Belly Dancing is coming to OmBase!
Shakti Flow! Egyptian Inspired Bellydance
with Adriana

SAT 10/24 :: 2-4 pm workshop
Saturdays  10/31-12/5 :: 12-1:15 pm class series

Cost: $25 before 10/17, $30 after for workshop
:::::: $66 for 6-week class series to follow



Discover the ancient art of Egyptian inspired bellydance with Adriana, a light-hearted & thoughtful dance artist and instructor with over 15 years experience.

Adriana offers a holistic approach founded in effective technique that gives freedom to express your own personal flow of creativity from within, a kind of moving meditation.

Bellydance is a great form of exercise for women of all ages, shapes & sizes!

Develop body awareness, grace, balance, strength & fluidity and embrace your Divine Beauty.

We will explore classic bellydance movements in a free-form style within a sacred dance circle. Learn proper technique of the foundation movements including isolations, shimmies, figure 8s, hip circles & more.

Express yourself in a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can release tnesion, love your body, free your inhibitions and feel you own sacredness.  No experience required.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and feel free to wear hip-scarves, veils & skirts.

There is a workshop and a beginner belly dancing class series to follow.




Adriana is a compassionate and experienced instructor committed to sharing her knowledge of bellydance & yoga with those who seek not only to improve their body but also to enrich their life.

Her dance and yoga training serve as interchangeable components in her teaching where she continues to share her life pursuit- connecting with others through Body, Mind and Spirit.

Adriana is an accomplished Middle Eastern dancer with an extensive background in creative movement.

She has studied yoga in North America and in India since 1999 and in 2002 became a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor.

For more info, see our Teachers page or visit Adriana’s website


New Teacher! New Class!
The Alchemy Of Yoga
Stasia Bliss
Monday 9:30-11 am
starting 10/5

Stasia Bliss

Stasia Bliss

Stasia comes to OmBase to teach The Alchemy Of Yoga.

Combining various styles; this class emphasizes finding harmony with the elements in both our bodies and our lives as we play with strong breathing, gentle rhythm, strength in body, vigilance of mind and surrender of spirit.

Join us where tantra & alchemy unite…


Stasia Bliss & Heritage

Stasia Bliss & Heritage

Stasia Bliss started on her journey of awakening in 1997 as a student of meditation. She began teaching yoga in 2003 and has found that adding the element of teaching to her practice brings increasing joy into her person and life.

Stasia’s spiritual odyssey has taken her through many exciting landscapes both within and without, and she draws inspiration for her classes from her romance with gemstones and therapeutic oils, her memories of her time in India and Southeast Asia, her experience with raw & superfoods, her formal study of herbs, alchemy, and kundalini yoga, and from the natural world and her own personal transformation process, which includes authoring a book and raising a child.

Stasia received yoga training at the Bihar Yoga Bharati in Northern India, as well as personal instruction with Masters of the Art like Yogi Raj and Satyananda Saraswati.

She is a certified Kriya yoga instructor, Nutritional Herbologist and Master of G-jo Acupressure. Stasia is also a Reiki practitioner and Life-Path-Initiation Transformation Guide.

She enjoys making raw chocolate, and is co-proprietor of Raw Bliss Transformational foods as well as co-founder of The Human Tribe – “Supporting people in living their life’s passion!”  For more information, go to


Other events and classes in October!

Find more info on our Om page or in the class/events schedule. Some require pre-registration! Sign up early to ensure you have a spot and that the event is happening!

Relaxation 101
with Vittoria & Louise

10 week series
Sundays 5-6 pm

Cost: This class can be taken a series of 5 ($60)
9/20-10/18 and/or 10/25-11/22
or as a drop in :: ($14) or use your class card

Relaxation 101

Relaxation 101

Join Louise and Vittoria for this new venture they are embarking upon!  Class will be shared and both teachers will attend some classes, alternating as teachers, assistants and facilitators. Some classes will be taught by either Louise or Vittoria individually.

Stress management is a key to  wellness that has been proven to prevent a wide range of illnesses and a way to obtain better mental and physical health.

We will practice deep belly breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and proceed to guided imagery and meditation, as well as use Tibetan bowls and crystal bowls to enhance the experience of relaxation.

No yoga experience necessary.


Yin Yoga + Sound Healing
FRI 10/23 7:15-9:45 pm

Cost: $25 before 10/16, $30 after

Yin Yoga + Sound Healing

Yin Yoga + Sound Healing

A lovely way to come home into your body

and get cozy in the healing vibrations . . .

spend some time in supported poses to let your body unwind.


R & R (Restore & Renew)
with Louise

Fri 12:30-2 pm

Cost: $14 drop in or use your class card

Louise Lorente

Louise Lorente

A restorative yoga class offered weekly now by popular demand!

Students learn how nurturing, physical postures help ease the effects of chronic stress by allowing the body and mind to rest deeply.

We use props such as blankets and bolsters, breath work, guided meditation and a series of 3-4 poses which allow for complete relaxation.

Restorative poses help the body to tap into the body’s innate wisdom, and the body’s capacity to heal itself. Appropriate for anyone at anytime in their life.

Students learn how nurturing, physical postures help ease the effects of chronic stress by allowing the body and mind to rest deeply.


Practice Time
starts 10/22

Cost: small donation to cover heat costs

Jay Fields - free-range

Jay Fields - free-range

A time for you to come and do your own practice at OmBase.

No teacher on staff, just an open room
with others doing their own practice.

Some teachers will be there doing their own….


Save your old calendars!

Megan Hooker

Megan Hooker

Have you seen Megan’s work at OmBase? She creates beautiful cards out of old calendars!

What better way to recycle your calendar? Knowing that somebody, somewhere, is receiving the image you’ve looked at for months….

Please bring your old calendars in at the beginning of the year and we’ll make sure Megan gets them!

Favorites are nature, pets, scenery of any kind.

You can also purchase her cards at OmBase.

Our bags are here!
Pick up at at the studio . . .

Cost: $10-$15 sliding scale

OmBase Bags

OmBase Bags

Last but not least, our fabulous bags are here, and we’d love for you to purchase one!

We kept the price as low as possible so you might even get two!

Spread the word, use the bag(s) for groceries, shopping, and save a paper or plastic bag.

Let others know about OmBase wherever you go!

Thank you!

News from OmBase – July 30th Edition

Thursday, July 30th, 2009
frangipani & hibiscus

frangipani & hibiscus


Our classes at OmBase continue this month. For those of you that haven’t come recently, we want you to know – we have air conditioning!


with Todd & Vittoria
SUN 8/23 all day (10-6)

Cost: $50 payable to OmBase
$15 for lunch payable to Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake

We wanted to remind you there are some spots left for the retreat at Hidden Lake later this month. It will be a delicious break from the city and so close by! The studio will be closed that day (Sunday, August 23)

Join us for this amazing day in nature and on the water! 45 minutes from Southwest Portland there is a magical place where we will be spending the day. Yoga with Todd, delicious lunch, relax by the dock, swim in the lake, and more yoga before going home. Only a few spots left!

We spent a weekend at Hidden Lake last summer and it was fabulous!

Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake

From Megan who came last year:

“Hidden Lake is a wonderfully alive oasis on so many levels.  The land, the lake and the caretakers (Laurie, Judith and Bodhi) nourished my soul last year and I am looking forward to returning! I can’t wait to take a swim in the lake again!”

for more on Hidden lake, visit:


ITALY YOGA retreat in 2010!
JULY 31 – AUGUST 7, 2010

Cost: first deposit of $115 due by Saturday 8/15/09

Yoga Deck - Italy Retreat

Yoga Deck - Italy Retreat

Several of you have already signed up and paid the deposit and some of you have asked for more details. Please see our website for more information, and know that in order to make this happen we do need 4-5 more students to make a commitment now to pay the deposit….We hope to have a group of 12-14 students coming!


with Louise
MON 8/3 – 12:30-2 pm

Cost: drop in rate $14 or use your class card

Louise Lorente

Louise Lorente

Louise starts her monthly restorative class this month. It will be offered each month around the time of the full moon.

Students learn how nurturing, physical postures help ease the effects of chronic stress by allowing the body and mind to rest deeply. We use props such as blankets and bolsters, breath work, guided meditation and a series of 3-4 poses which allow for complete relaxation.

Restorative poses have been known to tap into the body’s capacity to heal itself and are appropriate for anyone at anytime in their life.

No previous yoga experience is necessary and all levels are welcome.


with Nicole
FRI 8/14 8-9 pm

Cost: $15-20 sliding scale. Pre-registration/payment

Nicole Asprocolas

Nicole Asprocolas

Relax and unwind your body and mind as your soul rejuvenates from the blissful frequencies of the Singing Quartz Crystal bowls*……

The singing quartz crystal bowls holds the vibration of white light which ultimately refracts into the rainbow palette and acts directly on our chakras when the bowls are played. The bowls are specifically designed to correlate to a particular chakra and each correspond to a particular musical note.  The color red vibrates at the slowest frequency and corresponds to the musical note C bowl and the root chakra, while the color violet has the highest vibrating frequency and corresponds to the musical note B bowl and the crown chakra.

*side effects may include: a balanced energy field, the feeling of blissfulness, rejuvenation, relaxation, personal well-being, peacefulness, and a greater connection to your higher self, Mother Earth and to the Source of All that Is.

No prior experience necessary. Please bring a pillow, yoga mat, and blanket for your comfort. We also provides some props.

For more information about Nicole, visit her website at


Kundalini Yoga & Ten-Body Tantric Numerology
with Alana
SUN 8/16 11-1 pm

Cost: $25 pre-registration

Alana Weintraub

Alana Weintraub

Join Alana for this interesting workshop coming up.

The ancient yogic science of Tantric Numerology uses your birthdate to gain deep insight into various aspects of your life and soul.

Learn how to apply this science to effectively awaken to your true purpose, increase joy and prosperity, and overcome life’s challenges.

This workshop will explore the Ten Bodies of Light within the human being, and how to use Tantric Numerology and Kundalini Yoga as a model for understanding and accessing all the great and powerful parts of our beings.

We will also experience the powerful, Kundalini Yoga set for Awakening the Ten Bodies.


with Jay
SUN 8/30  2-5 pm

Cost: $45 ($90 for workshop & class series to follow in September)

Jay Fields

Jay Fields

This workshop focuses on learning the principles of a Free Range practice, which include: being guided from within, finding alignment through lines of energy, and playing your edge.

The series of 4 classes (starting first week of September) is for you if you:

· want to strengthen your inner guidance and cultivate your sense of ownership and authority in your life on and off the mat.
· are familiar with yoga poses but are wanting to approach them in a way that is more personal and creative.
· want to explore yoga as a means to a life that is more in alignment with what moves you.
· want more one-on-one, hands-on attention as you practice as well as the energy of a community of people practicing together.
· want to develop a home practice, or have one that feels mechanical and in need of inspiration.
· want to create a more trusting relationship with your body, especially if you have injuries you are attending to.

To find out more about this workshop and the class series, please see our schedule page, or visit Jay’s blog.


News from OmBase – June 30th Edition

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
Summer Foxglove

Summer Foxglove


As I write this it’s officially summer, and we have a lot happening at Om Base! New classes, changes in the schedule, and more.

This blog update has SUMMER NEWS, as well as a list of events/classes happening in JULY. For more details about events/classes in August and September, look for the newsletter each month.

Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake

There is still space for our Hidden Lake DAY yoga retreat in August!   We’re going to this fabulous place only 45 minutes from OmBase for one day on Sunday August 23rd. Yoga, relaxing, water and sun, food! and more yoga.

Please call/email OmBase to sign up. For a detailed description visit our website here.



· Sunday 10 am class moves to 9 am
Please note that for the next 3 months (July, August, September) the Sunday am class will start an hour early! (and it will be a bit longer…ending at 10:45 am).  We’ll go back to 10 am in October.

· We’ve removed the Quiet Time for the summer, and may reinstate it in the fall. We may substitute it with a PRACTICE TIME in the afternoon that will give you a chance to come in and do yoga on your own.

Jay Fields

Jay Fields

· Jay is taking a sabbatical from July 16 (her last class) till mid October. She’s going to spend this time writing and will be coming back to OmBase for a workshop in August and a class series in September (both named GUIDED FROM WITHIN). These events are already on our Google schedule calendar, so if you are curious, take a peek at Sunday, August 30th and the class series on Thursday nights in September.

Jay has a fabulous blog you can subscribe to, absolutely worth reading!

We have not found a clone for Jay yet, so we’ll do our best to satisfy all of you that have enjoyed her classes….Probably have some flow/vinyasa class at least one day a week. Both the Tuesday and Thursday 6 pm slots will remain on the schedule.

Come and take one of her great classes before she takes off, and wish her happy summer & happy writing!

· We are transforming our Friday 5:45-7 pm class once again.  During the summer it will have a specific focus for each month (open/free to the ones of you with a monthly unlimited). See below for more.

· We have put our drumming circle on hiatus till the fall. More drumming coming up in October.

· OmBase will be closed Sunday August 23rd when we are at our day retreat at Hidden Lake.



· The SUNDAY 10am CLASS moves to 9 am for the next 3 months

We thought we better write this in lots of different places so you take notice! You’ll be done by 10:45 and can get on with your summer day.

(PREVIEW: in August we are adding a PRENATAL YOGA class  from 11-12:30 pm).

with Elizabeth

TUE 12-1 pm 7/21-8/18
5 week series

Cost: $60 Please pre-register for this series. No drop ins.

Toddler Yoga

Baby Om Yoga

This class started in June, but there will be another series starting up again in July. For moms and babies ages 6 months to walking.  Fun, sweet, and a great way to stay connected to yoga in the midst of chaos and be with your baby!


with Louise

8:30-10 am 7/8-7/29
4 week series

Cost: $44 No drop ins.

Louise Lorente

Louise Lorente

A yoga class series designed for school teachers, taught by a retired teacher.

After giving of yourself all school year why not give yourself the gift of yoga?

The class focuses on meditation and basic poses as a way to renew and inspire, thus tapping into our own inner guidance.  Participants will also learn ways to bring yoga into the classroom through simple yoga postures, breath work and centering.

No previous yoga experience is necessary as we use blocks, chairs, and straps to modify poses for those new to yoga. Please pre-register for this series.


with Emily & Todd
Wed 7:15-9 pm 7/22-8/12
4 week series

Cost: $80-$100 sliding scale.

wave of eclipse

wave of eclipse

Join Emily (our in-house OmBase astrologer) and Todd for this incredible opportunity!

This summer features 3 Eclipses – powerful catalysts for growth and change. Join us in exploring the meaning of these cosmic events and learn how to successfully navigate their intense energy. We’ll use astrology, writing, yoga and meditation as tools for discovery, and for setting intentions and releasing the past. All are welcome – no previous writing, yoga or astrology experience is needed. Limited to 8 students.


Todd’s popular YIN YOGA

FRI 5:45-7 pm
5 week series

Cost: $50. Drop-ins $12 or use your class card.

Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson

He’ll be teaching it every Friday in July. We prefer if you sign up for the whole month, but it is also open to drop-ins.

The yin approach utilizes long, supported, postures, that you simply relax into… when the muscles are relaxed, then the myofascial tissue surrounding them can begin to stretch and also strengthen.

No pre-requisites required…

(PREVIEW: in August this class time will be PARTNERS YOGA, taught by Todd and a surprise partner).


Yin Series is back!
with Todd

M/W/F- 7/6-7/24
7-8:15 am

Cost: $90-$108 sliding scale

We have reduced the price of this series to make it more accessible to all of you!

Please call or email to sign up. Pre-registration $30

Todd is becoming more passionate about Yin yoga and its incredible benefits, so he’s excited to share another yin yoga series with you this month. And to make this series more enticing for you, I enclose a photo of Todd at the beach in Hawaii that was taken a few years back.

The yin approach utilizes long, supported postures that you simply relax into… when the muscles are relaxed, then the myofascial tissue surrounding them can begin to stretch and also strengthen.

The postures are designed to help you move each joint in its full range of motion through its natural range… this is done through gentle but persistent compression of the joints as one hangs out in, and melts into a stretch, so most of the practice is on the floor, and most of it is passive.


with Vittoria

SUN 7/12
2-4 pm

Cost: $42/couple

Prenatal Couples Yoga
Prenatal Couples Yoga

This is a great and fun class for couples in their 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy. We’ll be practicing yoga, birth ball positions and massage techniques partner can use on mom now and in her labor. See the birthwisdom journal for details.


with JRo
July 16-July 28

Cost: Sessions are $100 for at least an hour.



Jeff Rozzelle (JRo) is a friend of ours, and he’s a psychic extra-ordinare.

He’ll be here in Portland fron July 16 to July 28 and you can make an appt to see him at OmBase.

JRo has been doing Clairvoyant reading/healing and energy work for over 30 years. Currently, he travels and brings what he does to different locations through out the mainland U.S..

What is a clairvoyant reading?

“A clairvoyant reading is an opportunity to allow me to look at your energy field from a neutral perspective and in present time. This is a very private, personal and confidential experience between you and me……” for more information, see the full text from the blog.

Please call Vittoria to make an appointment  at (971)506-6789 or send an email to OmBase:


My session with Jeff helped get me unstuck and onto a path that has been nothing short of a miracle. I owe my life to him and am looking forward to another session and more insight.” ~ Louise



Dr. Analouise Williams
SUN 7/19
4-6 pm

Cost: $25 Pre-registration/payment by 7/12. $30 after.

Dr. Analouise Williams, PhD

Dr. Analouise Williams, PhD

Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman, anthropologist, found that holding a posture represented by figurines and statues found in archaeological sites from hunters and gathers and horticulturists worldwide, is a method for achieving ecstatic trance and its attendant visionary experience.

Dr. Goodman introduced Dr. Analouise Williams to this ancient mystical tradition. Dr. Williams, a shamanic practitioner, teacher, and researcher, has studied from other gifted shamanic teachers.

No previous shamanic journey experience is required.  Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a notebook and pen/pencil, and scarf to cover your eyes; a rattle or drum is optional.  Yoga mats and cushions are provided.

For more details, please see our previous blog entry.


Family Yoga! Special Class
SUN 7/26
12-1:30 pm

Cost: $10/adult $5/child

Alana Weintraub

Alana Weintraub

Family Yoga is back this summer!

Share the love and experience of yoga with your whole family!  Parents, partners, and kids age 0-100 are welcome.

Exploring partner poses, silly poses, and yoga stories, learn fun ways to stretch, invigorate, relax, and connect with your loved ones with yoga.

Please pre-register for this class and let us know how many there are in your family!


Community Breathe!
SUN 7/26
4-6 pm

Cost: $25 Pre-registration/payment 7/19. $30 after.

Margaret Townsend

Margaret Townsend

A breath workshop lead by Margaret Townsend…

Bringing our breath back to our lives means we have the ability to live with more energy, to calm and balance the nervous system in the moment, to have a health promoting, stress relieving ‘tool’, and to know that our breath is a comforting companion that allows us to willingly meet whatever life brings to us.

Margaret is a certified breathing facilitator with over 20 years experience using various holistic practices to assist others in stress management and self-awareness. Please see her website The Living Breath for more information.


BodyTalk Cortices class
with Sandra Wernich

FRI 7/31

Cost: $20

Sandra Wernich

Sandra Wernich

Are you feeling stressed?

Would you like to experience greater calm and clarity?

Do you have two minutes a day to devote to your health?

The BodyTalk System Cortices technique is a powerful way to improve your overall health and well-being through bringing balance to your brain.

You will learn how to:

+ Improve overall brain function
+ Increase clarity, focus and concentration
+ Reduce stress levels throughout your entire body
+ Increase relaxation

InPlease join Sandra Wernich, Certified BodyTalk practioner, for this very informative class!

In this 90 minute class you will learn how to balance your own brain, and the brains of your family, friends and pets! Children as young as six can learn this simple, yet powerful form of self-healing. Once learned, it takes 2 minutes to do the Cortices technique.

For more information, contact Sandra at (971) 533-3670 or go to

Please pre-register for this class!


Discover Yoga! FREE
THU 7/30
7:45-9 pm

Alana - Upward Facing Dog

Alana - Upward Facing Dog

Have your friends who haven’t tried yoga yet come to a free class at OmBase. We moved it to Thursday pm for the summer months.


News from OmBase – May 28th Edition

Thursday, May 28th, 2009
Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake last summer . . .

Our plans for the summer are under way!
We are adding some classes and changing the schedule
a bit from July to September, so look for that next month.


Teachers class series w/Louise in July
Gardeners Yoga series w/Vittoria also in July
Bikers/runners/walkers series w/Todd
Check our website soon for more information on these classes!

We have a one day yoga retreat at Hidden Lake on Sunday, August 23rd. It is an amazing place about 45 minutes from OmBase. We’re talking yoga, swimming, sunning, r e l a x i n g, more yoga….

You can find more information about this day here. There’s already several of you signed up, so hurry if you want to come!

As an invitation to all of you, we encourage you to keep coming to yoga in the summer, even when the weather is amazing, as it has been! Attendance has slowed down about 80% in the last 2 weeks for most of our busiest evening classes and some day classes, and we’d love your support during our first summer! So we can be here in the fall!


Community Breathe!
SUN 6/7
4-6 pm

Cost: $25 Pre-registration/payment by 5/31.
$30 at the door after.

Margaret Townsend

Margaret Townsend

A breath workshop lead by Margaret Townsend…

Bringing our breath back to our lives means we have the ability to live with more energy, to calm and balance the nervous system in the moment, to have a health promoting, stress relieving ‘tool’, and to know that our breath is a comforting companion that allows us to willingly meet whatever life brings to us.

We are born to breathe, to fill our lungs with life and life-giving oxygen, to expel the holdings of stress and carbon dioxide. When we are infants, we naturally breathe from the diaphragm, gently expanding our abdomen, bringing our breath to our lives in the most natural and important way.

Margaret is a certified breathing facilitator with over 20 years experience. Check out her recent  interview on AM Northwest below and visit her website The Living Breath.


Shamanic Sound Healing/Dagmar
SUN 6/21
6:30-8:30 pm

Cost: $25 pre-registration/payment by 6/14.
$30 at the door after.

Dagmar Luenser

Dagmar Luenser

Please join Dagmar for an evening of sacred sound and shamanic healing on the night of the Summer Solstice.

Through the sound of her voice, shamanic tools and instruments such as drums, rattles and singing bowls, rituals unfold that awaken your heart’s intelligence and serve as a gateway to transformation and awareness.

Dagmar focuses her practice on the integration of mind, body and spirit by helping individuals understand their greater potential through the clearing of old patterns, attachments and energies that no longer serve them.

Dagmar Luenser is a gifted shamanic sound and energy healer. Trained in shamanic work, sound healing, Spiritual Response Therapy and Reiki, Dagmar helps individuals come into balance and connect more deeply to their soul’s path.

For more information, please go to our class & event schedule.


Drum Circle
WED 6/24
7:15-8:45 pm

Cost: FREE /donation

drum circle

Drum Circle with Mike

Our drumming circle is going strong!

Join Mike for a fabulous time!

Bring a drum or favorite instrument or pick one up at the circle.

Drumming can heal the spirit, body, mind, heart and the earth. Together we create “in the moment” connectedness through open spirit and oneness. Wonderful things can occur, elation, release, relief, joy, tears, laughing, giggling, smiling, bonding, heart opening, and sharing.

In addition, drum circles are just plain fun and exhilarating!

Absolutely no drumming or music experience is required – just an open mind and open spirit. Everyone has a heart that beats within them and from this mother rhythm you will be amazed at what we can create together.

If you own a drum or other instrument please bring it, however, there will be a limited number of drums for those that don’t have one. Any and all percussion instruments are welcome, e.g. wood blocks, bells, tambourines, shakers, flutes, whistles, etc.

We encourage you to bring your friends or invite friends who you think may be interested in attending this community drum circle – the more the merrier! We also encourage dancing!!! If you want to come and simply dance or just listen to the rhythms please come as well.

There is no cost for this community event but please feel free to consider a donation.


Discover Yoga!

FREE for new students
SUN 6/28
2-3:30 pm

Louise Lorente

Louise Lorente

Invite your friends for our monthly free class for new students to OmBase!

Louise will be teaching this month!

Next month in JULY Discover Yoga will be moving to THURSDAY nights for 3 months . . .


· Prenatal · Postnatal · Baby · Toddler program at OmBase

Toddler Yoga

· Prenatal · Postnatal · Baby · Toddler Yoga

Most of you know that I (Vittoria) teach prenatal yoga and it’s one of my passions. I have also been teaching postnatal yoga for years. Elizabeth Wilson, mom of 2 girls, joined me in teaching moms and toddlers. She also has been teaching for years.

Together we are creating a fabulous yoga program (name yet to be announced!) that moms can attend from when you are pregnant all the way to when your child is 2 years old! (and who knows what’s next!) Not only you’ll have the support you need throughout the pregnancy, but you’ll also receive the support afterward. Classes also include Infant Massage for babies, as well as Childbirth Education for couples. (yes, we’ll have something for dads too!)

• We are adding a Baby Om Yoga class for babies that are ready for “more action” and are too young for the toddler class (this class will be for ages 6 month to about walking). Elizabeth will be starting this class on June 16.

• We are also continuing our Toddler Om Yoga class with some fabulous supervised help so moms can do yoga! (toddlers ages 1-2 y/o approx). We are looking forward to having more of the baby/kid energy at OmBase, along with giving moms something they sorely need!

If you want to know more about these classes, please send an email to OmBase and we’ll fill you in on the details.