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News from OmBase – May 1st Edition

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Purple Flower

new bloomings

This newsletter is brimming with newness!

We’re teaching the first Intro to Yoga we’ve had in months;
Movie Night continues, a new bike rack has been installed,
JRo‘s coming back in town, Emily‘s teaching with Todd,
Yin Yoga moves to another night….plus lots more!

We are still interested in finding out how yoga
or OmBase has changed your life,
so please send in your comments!

Yin Yoga
with Todd

Mon/Wed/Fri 5/3-5/21
7-8:15 am

Cost: $90-$108 sliding scale / pre-registration

Yin Yoga

Todd & Emily are co-teaching the Yin Yoga classes in the morning!

Join them for a fabulous time, and and a great stretch! More on Yin Yoga here. (scroll to end of page).

To register call/email us at OmBase, or stop by to make payment by check or credit card (you can also pay online, just be aware that it the most expensive option for us, as we get charged 3% w/any online transactions).

Intro to Yoga
with Todd, Adriana, Stasia and Vittoria

5/4-5/25 every TUE 7:30-8:45 pm

Cost: $48/ pre-registration

Alana - Upward Facing Dog

This class series is an introduction to Yoga for all beginners out there! 4 different teachers to give you the basics of yoga. Todd, Adriana, Stasia and Vittoria will alternate teaching on Tuesdays all month.

Basics of yoga, breathing, introduction to props, as well as individualized attention to what each student needs.
Pre-registration required. Min 5, max 10 students.

Please email/call Om Base if you want to sign up. You can mail a check, sign up at the studio or sign up online.

BodyTalk & Astrology
offered at OmBase!

Emily Trinkaus

Emily Trinkaus

Many of you already know Emily, as she’s been with us from the beginning (and before that!).
Emily is now at OmBase on Fridays, seeing clients. If you are interested or curious about what she offers, check out her site.

Her new blog is chock full, and you can read on making the most of Mercury retrograde!

You can contact her directly for an appointment:


Emily also starts teaching at OmBase this month!

Family Yoga!
with Rachel & Lauren

SUN May 23 at 2:30 pm

Cost: $10/adult, $5/kid
Please pre-register for this class!

Rachel Plies & Lauren Clark

Many of you have asked about this class, so here it is being offered as a one time event.

Rachel and Lauren have fun with kids and families, and this promises to be a great class for all ages. Kids, parents and grandparents welcome!

Read more about Rachel and Lauren at BoundlessMotion.

JRo is coming back!
June 2-6



JRo will be here in June, and he’ll have Clairvoyant reading and healing sessions available.

JRo came last year for a visit and before you know it he was all booked up. He’s getting booked this time too, so hurry up and call if you want a session with him. He will be seeing clients at the studio (with the exception of one day possibly at our home).

From JRo:Your body is energy and our lives reality based events.
Learn how you occur right here right now as life. And learn how to
change it, guide it and ultimately let go

JRo, ( pronounced J-row) lives in Haiku, Maui, and has been doing Clairvoyant reading/healing and energy work for over 30 years. Currently JRo travels and brings what he does to different locations throughout the mainland U.S.

Readings are $100 for at about 1.5-2 hrs (please bring cash)

to book a reading:

send us an email:
or call her Vittoria’s cell 971.506.6789

Download a Flyer

Classes changing….

Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson

Yin Yoga on Tuesday pm moves to Wednesday

The evening yin yoga class moves to Wednesday night this month (and might remain that way) as we are introducing a new class for beginners on Tuesdays. Please look for the Yin Yoga by donation class on Wednesday night at 7:15-8:30 pm.

Sun 10 am class moves to 9 am starting in June!
We did this last year too, to give you more time to get on with the summer activities but still come to yoga!
See you at 9 am on June 6th!

If you want the Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 am classes to continue, please come and take them more often. There’s talk of discontinuing those classes by June if not enough students show up each week.

Bike rack is in!

Maria hugging the new bike rack

Maria hugging the new bike rack

Yes, that’s Maria hugging the rack . . . Riding your bike to OmBase is a whole lot easier now!

The first time you ride your bike to class, and park your bike at the new corral, let us know when you sign in, and you can take that class for just $5, or use your class card and bring a friend for free.

Remember that if you have a class card and ride your bike to class (walk or take public transit) you can stamp your card.. and after collecting 10 stamps we’ll say thank-you to you with a free class on us!

One of our students, Maria, an avid biker, was the first to use the new racks (parking there about two hours after they had been installed!) and happened to be there when Dave Johnson (from the Hillsdale Biking Coalition) was taking a picture, and here’s what we learned about Maria,

My name is Maria Cahill and I ride from my home  (which is also my office for a sustainable land development consulting business) in Multnomah Village. Biking is one of my personal and professional commitments to a healthier environment and a healthier me. I rode over 1000 miles last year just for business related meetings and site visits in addition to my private errands and events. I’m excited to see the new bike racks!“.

There is also a little blurb on about the bike rack!

Thank you for coming to class!
Can you post a review?


Loiuse in headstand

Many of you were inspired by our call in the last newsletter to come back, and you did make it back to Om Base. Thank you! We are grateful for your support. We’d like to ask you to post a review as reviews really help other students decide whether or not come to visit us!

You can go to our contact us page, and click on the pop-up window that comes up over the map (click OmBase or Reviews). It’ll take you to a Google page link where you can post a review!

You can also go to Insider Pages here to post a review.
In addition, you can post on Yelp too here.

Thank you!

Our lending library is online!

Lending Library

Thanks to Emily, Virgo organizer extraordinaire, she posted every book we have online, here.

You can check out books and videos the same way, by writing your name in the check-out binder at the studio, but now you also have the option of browsing our library online, read an excerpt of the book (via an Amazon link), post a comment, and more.

We’ll be adding reviews of the books in the next few weeks.

The other change is that we’ll be charging $1 x week for DVDs, as we need to replace them occasionally, and that will help.

Books will be due 3 weeks from check out date, DVDs only one week at a time.

You will get email reminders when your item is due.

Movie Night!



The second Saturday of each month we’ll be having a movie night! A movie projected on the large wall of the yoga studio!

(Because of the warm weather and the need for air conditioning = noise, we’ll probably stop for the summer though)

When: Sat 5/8 @ 7pm
A movie about Ammachi

We aren’t sure which one yet, but considering she’s coming to Seattle at the end of May, it’s appropriate.

Read more about Amma and her incredible life and devotion.

We’ll accept a small donation to help defray heat/light costs, as well as the price of the DVDs.

Sorry, no kids and no snacks…. 🙁

We love to hear from you!

Send us your stories & love letters (long and short) about how yoga & OmBase or a specific teacher has helped you improve your life, healed your body, quieted your mind, and whatever else!

We’ll post the long stories on our blog, to inspire others.

“Hello Todd,

I wanted to thank you for your generous support yesterday. I am always amazed by your incredibly giving spirit! Many times I arrive at your classes feeling bereft, hurting in some physical or emotional way and come away feeling light, supported and centered. You have a gift, my friend, and I feel blessed that I found you! Thank you.

Blessings”. ~ NB


MORE Teachers Interviews!

Emily was kind enough to devote a lot of time to interview the teachers at OmBase, and we have some of those interviews online now. Soon we’ll have to interview Emily, as she’s going to be teaching too!

You can go to  Our Family and then click on “Teachers.”

Teacher Feature

Adriana’s interview has been added this month. Adriana also wrote a blog post this month about Prenatal Dance & Yoga.

Listen to Todd’s Meditation

If you’ve missed Todd’s meditation, you can now listen to it whenever you need it…

Coming in June!

A gift taken and shared: four weeks, four classes for change. Read the blog post.

Virtual shots of Om Base

We’ve posted some fabulous 360º shots of the studio on our website. You can scroll (slowly!) to see in every direction!

Thanks to Jeff Freeman for the photography!

Namasté to you . . .



I wanted  to share some photos
of flowers that I just captured,
so here is a link for you to enjoy!

(click on ‘slideshow’ at bottom left for best viewing!).

Happy Spring!

News from OmBase – April 1st Edition

Thursday, April 1st, 2010
rainbow's end

rainbow's end

There are a lot of changes in the air
at OmBase scheduled for April!

Some teachers change days/times,
and we say goodbye to one of our long-standing teachers…..
Plus Todd has his first Yoga Immersion in months,
as well as a new class on Tuesday night.

Yoga Immersion
with Todd

4/5-4/23  every weekday 6:30-8 am

Cost: $150-180 sliding scale/pre-registration

Todd Williamson

This is a chance to gather and practice three-five sessions a week. These healing immersions focus on healing and balance through visualization, meditation and yoga asanas. It’s easier to do this “work” around others who are making the same choices… so take advantage of the others’ presence (presents) and join in.

This is the year for change. (the year of the Tiger).  The change is happening, and we’re all immersed in it – you’re immersed in it –  Spending just a bit of time with others who, like you,  are curious about, and more consciously choosing for – uncovering and discovering – something new – a new way of being –  will afford you an ease now, during these times which otherwise may seem daunting and fraught with overwhelming challenges.

In allowing yourself to be supported, you invariably align with, and tune into your Self, and so find yourself supported by the very change you felt at odds with… Open to the magic…

You can find out more about Immersion here.

Please call OmBase, or email Todd/OmBase if you want to sign up.

Decision to hold immersion will be made several days prior to start date, so don’t wait till last moment to let us know!

Yin Yoga at night!
with Todd

TUE 7:30-9 pm, every Tue in April

Cost: drop in donation class

Yin Yoga

Todd will be teaching a yin yoga class every Tuesday in April. You can arrive like to any other classes, and either use your class card or pay a donation.

Come explore what Yin Yoga is all about. Whether you are new to yoga in general, or a seasoned yogi, this is a class you’ll get a lot from.

One of the interesting things about the yin approach is that it benefits the more active person (runner, biker, etc) as well as the less active person (couch potato).

Saying goodbye to Jay….

Jay Fields

Most of you know Jay. She’s been with us from the very beginning of the start of OmBase, and we have known her long before that. She has always been committed to being a part of our family.

Jay is moving on, and she will not be teaching classes at OmBase, but we know we will see her again…

Please join us in wishing Jay the very best in her new endeavors!

Jay has a beautiful new website, and a blog, always worth reading!

Dear friends,

Thank you so very much for being a part of my journey of learning and teaching at OmBase. It’s hard to leave because I will miss the family I have at OmBase, but the “nest,” as it were, has served its purpose–I’m now ready to fly in to new ways of being that are most in alignment with who I am in my work and life now. I feel quite joyful to let go and let myself be taken by the flow of things, which right now means having more time for my private spiritual counseling practice, for workshops, and for writing. Feel free to visit my new website to see what I’m up to…

And I trust that part of the journey is to stay connected to Om as a student, friend, and collaborator.  Until that mystery unveils itself…

Much love,

Same time, different teachers

Yoga Time!

Yoga Time!

We’ve rearranged the schedule a bit starting in April, and the permanent changes are as follows:

TUE 6-7:25 pm 
The Alchemy of Yoga

WED 5:30-7 pm
Hatha Yoga Flow

6-7:25 pm
Hatha Yoga Mix/Vittoria

Please see more on these classes on the class schedule page or on our class description page.

Family Yoga!
with Rachel & Lauren

SAT 4/24 at 2:30 pm

Cost: $10/adult, $5/kid
Please pre-register for this class!

Rachel Plies & Lauren Clark

So many of you have asked about this class, so here it is being offered as a one time event.

Rachel and Lauren have fun with kids and families, and this promises to be a great class for all ages.

Kids, parents and grandparents welcome!

Read more about Rachel and Lauren at BoundlessMotion.

May Preview!
Yin Yoga
MON/WED/FRI 7-8:15 am

Yin Yoga

Todd will be co-teaching the Yin Yoga classes in the morning w/Emily, as Emily will be teaching Yin Yoga as well starting the following month.  This is a series and pre-registration is required.

Look for more info & how to sign up on the website. More on Yin Yoga here.

Introduction to Yoga class series (4 classes)
Join 4 of our teachers
for 4 weeks and discover yoga!

4 weeks, 4 instructors

4 weeks, 4 instructors

This series is for all the people that are uncertain about dropping in to one of our classes because they either have not done yoga, or haven’t been to a class in a long time….

Series will include the basics of:

• yoga poses
• breathing fundamentals
• how to use props

and getting to know four of our teachers here at OmBase.

Time To Be Announced, but most likely it will rotate month to month, sometimes in the evenings, sometimes during the day.

Stay tuned for more!

BodyTalk & Astrology offered
at OmBase….

Emily Trinkaus

Emily Trinkaus

Many of you know already Emily, as she’s been with us from the beginning (and before that!).

Emily is now at OmBase on Fridays, seeing clients.

If you are interested or curious about what she offers, check out her site.

You can contact her directly for an appointment

Enlighten Up!

Enlighten Up!

Movie Night!

Yes, we’ll be having a night every month set aside for a movie which we’ll be showing projected on the large wall of the yoga studio!

When: SAT 4/10 @ 7pm
What: Enlighten Up!!
(very appropriate as it’s about yoga).
You can go here for a link to a trailer.

We’ll accept a small donation if you like, and will donate to a local cause…

Sorry, no kids and no snacks…. 🙁

We love to hear from you!

Your Yoga Story

We want your feedback!
We want to hear what yoga
has done for you,
how it’s changed your life.

It’s a place for YOUR comments…

We want to hear what you have to say!

Send us your stories (long and short) about how yoga & OmBase or a specific teacher has helped you improve your life, healed your body, quieted your mind, and whatever else!

We’ll post the long stories on our blog, to inspire others.

Your deep stretch class is helping me a lot.  I definitely want to come the whole month of August.  I’m not taking a vacation this summer.  Taking your class is like a mini vacation for me every Monday evening!  You and Todd have cultivated a very peaceful and positive environment at your studio“.~ Don

“We’ve both really been enjoying your class and the benefits are already apparent. R. saw his neurologist yesterday and he told us that he could see a noticeable difference in R.’s stance and balance since he saw him 6 months ago. Really good news! Thank you for helping that happen”.   ~ B.

Come to class! & let us know what you’d like….

Spring Daisies

Spring Daisies

Finally, a note from all of us here at OmBase…we need your support now.

We know how much you love the studio, and if you haven’t come to class in a few weeks or more and you’re still reading this, obviously you want to be part of our community.

Please help us spread the word, come to class!  We can’t be here without your assistance and participation.

Also, if there are times/classes that you would like, please let us know.

We’re extending our blessings to you  for
a beautiful, warm and happy spring!

News from OmBase – March 1st Edition

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010
Pink Dogwood

Pink Dogwood

Once of the most beautiful things about Portland
are all the blooming trees at this time of year.
It’s the best announcement that Spring is here!

Please read on for some of the changes
coming up this month,
as well as special offerings.

See you in class!


Mom & Toddler OM Yoga Class!
with Rachel & Lauren

WED 3/10 – 11-11:45 am

Cost: $14 drop-in


Mom & Toddler OM Yoga

Rachel Plies and Lauren Clark will be teaching a special mom and toddler OM Yoga  class on Wednesday, March 10th.

This class is already full but you can email or call us at 503.922.3100 to be put on the waiting list.

As we have more moms (or dads!) signing up we will create another day and time for this popular class!


Rachel Plies & Lauren Clark

Rachel Plies & Lauren Clark

Rachel and Lauren believe that yoga is available to everyone, even kids! They work with kids in all environments, from after school programs or classroom visits to family yoga workshops and hula hooping themed parties! They provide a safe and comfortable environment that is tailored to each age group to make sure the kids have a fun and nurturing experience.

Read more about Rachel and Lauren at BoundlessMotion.


Seasons Change

Seasons Change

Class changes/cancellations/updates

· The TUE 7:30 pm class has been canceled at this time. Stasia will be back next month with another time/day!

· Vittoria is now teaching the THU 6 pm class until the end of March, and maybe longer. It will be our $5 drop in this month, so come and check it out! It’s a Hatha Yoga Mix.

· The Yin Yoga in the mornings will be a SERIES again next quarter. You will be able to sign up for 3 weekly classes, for the first 3 weeks of each month.

· Keep your eyes out for Movie Night! Coming soon on a Saturday night!

· Louise Lorente is taking 6 weeks off and will be back April 13th. Todd and Cass are taking turns subbing her classes!


Egyptian Inspired Bellydance!
with Adriana

FRI 7:15-8:15 pm

Cost: $10-$5 sliding scale



Discover the ancient art of bellydance with Adriana, a light-hearted & thoughtful dance artist and instructor with over 15 years experience. Adriana offers a holistic approach that gives freedom to express your own personal flow of creativity from within.

Bellydance is a great form of exercise for women of all ages, shapes & sizes! You can develop body awareness, grace, balance, strength, & fluidity and embrace your Divine Beauty. It’s a natural complement to a woman’s bone and muscle structure with movements coming mainly from the torso. You will learn how to isolate different parts of the body, moving them independently as well as layering movements in fluid patterns and in quick short accents, weaving together the entire feminine essence, and using the movements as a form of creative expression.



This class will have a strong focus on proper technique and foundation movements, as well as learning choreography. This will eventually allow you the freedom to improvise, and we will explore this in class.

We will also delve into other bellydance styles, fusion and the use of props, such as veils & zylls.

Wear loose comfortable clothing and a hip-scarf.

To read more about Adriana,
see her website at:


Spring Equinox Shamanic Sound Healing
with Dagmar

SUN 3/21 – 6:30-8:30 pm

Cost: $25 by 3/14, $30 after

Dagmar Luenser

Dagmar Luenser

In the way of the shamanic tradition, Dagmar will lead you through a sound journey to help release blocks and discordant energies, restore a sense of wholeness and well-being and connect you with your own inner guidance. Through the sound of her voice, shamanic tools and instruments such as drums, rattles and singing bowls, rituals unfold that awaken your heart’s intelligence and serve as a gateway to transformation and awareness.

Dagmar is a sound and energy healer with a private practice in SW Portland. Trained in shamanic work, sound healing, Spiritual Response Therapy and Reiki, she helps individuals come into balance and connect more deeply to their soul’s path.

Contact Dagmar Luenser


Did you miss Todd’s meditation?
You can hear it here!

Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson

New Show: Free Range Meditation
Weekdays at 8AM
PDX.FM Channel Two
Hosted by Todd Williamson

You can now hear Todd’s meditations, recorded during class.

“When I close my eyes, I see my childhood in Africa; wild animals, blankets of stars, clear waters full of fish, and me, lying in the arms of a tree swaying gently in the breeze. Nature caught me in her grip early, and the feeling was unmistakable. In later years, when I found myself in more urban settings, I was always looking for ways to find that same feeling – the vastness, the embrace, the unmistakable feeling of being a part of it. It was yoga and meditation that took me there. With each 30 minute session that we share, I hope that I can help you find your own sanctuary amidst the rapid movement of life. There are stars, wild animals and tall trees in our own everyday world. It is my goal to help you sway in the breeze.” ~ Todd Williamson

Go to for more.


Need a wedding photographer?
Call Josh!

Joshua Seaman Wedding Photography

Joshua Seaman Wedding Photography

Josh Seaman created our website as well as has taken most of the photos on it. He’s passionate about photography and people. If you are planning on an event, or a wedding, or want to capture any other meaningful time in your life, he’s the man you want to call!

Joshua Seaman photography is at your service for wedding photography, engagement session photos, bridal photos, artistic wedding photography for your Portland or destination wedding.

The photographic memories of your wedding day are eternal, so let Joshua’s eye for artistic wedding photography capture it all as your wedding photographer. Whether for  local Portland wedding, rural Oregon wedding, Seattle wedding, or destination wedding photography, Joshua Seaman is always willing to travel to be there as a dependable wedding photographer. He enjoys everything from the grand wedding, to the intimate  wedding ceremony, he is always happy to help you find a compatible wedding photography package to suit your needs.

See a gallery of wedding photos HERE!