Alesha Hanson



Alesha’s passion for yoga began in 1995 when she felt truly electrified by the joy of being awake in her body. In 2002 she completed her first of three teacher trainings to share her love of yoga with others and has been teaching ever since. Her classes are energetic, playful, and flow logically with postures building upon each other set to tunes ranging from soulful to kickin’.


Drawing from her education in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, Pilates, dance and work with special populations Alesha inspires students to practice from a place of authenticity, to move into postures with a respect for individual skeletal structures, muscular strength and flexibility. She asks them to notice what they have brought to the mat, encouraging an exploration of balance in mind and body by simply breathing and feeling. With respect and gratitude for all of her students, Alesha’s heartfelt teaching inspires a deeper understanding from within in hopes that her students will live, love and laugh with greater ease.


You can see more about Alesha on her site.


Alesha currently teaches VinyasaGo on Tue 9 am, and Vinyasa every other Sat @ 10 am.



Anne Marie Witmer

Anne Marie


Anne has been a devoted yogini for over 15 years. After Hurricane Katrina forced her to flee her home in New Orleans, Anne moved to Big Sur, CA to live and work at the Esalen Institute. It was there that she completed her yoga teacher training in 2006. Since then, much of her work has focused on therapeutic yoga in which she utilizes asana practice and meditation to help students develop a more trusting relationship with their bodies. She has worked with survivors of domestic violence, people suffering from chronic pain and pregnant women preparing for labor and recovering from challenging births. She continues to be humbled and amazed, witnessing the profound effect yoga can have on peopleís lives.

Anne has been trained in vinyasa and yin yoga and likes to incorporate both styles in her classes. Her main goal in class is to create a total experience for the student combining spiritual themes, guided visualization, evocative music and poetry.

In addition to teaching yoga, Anne holds a masterís degree in public health and is trained as a heath educator. Anne loves to explore the world and has both traveled and worked as a volunteer in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Her greatest joy in life comes from being a mom!



Anne currently teaches Easy Does It on Mondays 12:30, and Hatha Flow on Sun @ 10 am.



Eugene Lewins


Eugene's passion is movement, preferably outdoors, and supporting others in their activity of choice - through yoga, massage and leading outdoor trips. Eugene has been teaching yoga for twelve years, studying with Indian yoga master Aadil Palkhivala and Yoga Journal's anatomy expert Julie Gudemestad. He works as a massage therapist at Centered In Motion, and leads climbs for the largest mountaineering organization in Oregon. He and his wife Sarah are blessed with two busy teenage children.


For more about Eugene, see his website yogawitheugene.com


Eugene teaches Hatha yoga on Wed @ 9:30 am, Vnyasa on Wed @ 6 pm, and Deep Stretch on Thur @ 7 pm.




Ginny Kauffman


Ginny began practicing yoga twelve years ago and she is passionate about the practice and sharing it with others. She has a 200 hour level yoga teacher training certification and has attended intensive trainings with a variety of well-seasoned teachers.


Ginny offers styles such as basic Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Strength & Stability, Yin, and Yoga Basics. She especially loves to introduce newer students to yoga and encouraging them to begin and maintain a steady practice. She also enjoys helping more intermediate students take their practice to the next level.

From Ginny: “I like to remind my students that yoga is not a competition and that we each have our own self-reflective, unique practice. It is important to honor our bodies and the parameters we each have to work within. While we each have the same physical parts, our experience with our own parts is unique. An important lesson in our practice on - and off - the mat is learning to accept what is, without a pre-determined agenda and without forcing something to be another way, but rather, allowing it to unfold and evolve with patience and time. My approach is light, gentle, humorous and straightforward. I always offer modifications and encourage questions, SMILES and an open dialogue during class. I am a guide for your own personal journey in your practice.”

In her spare time (in addition to doing lots of yoga), Ginny enjoys Zumba, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, biking, reading, knitting, traveling, live music, vegan eating and cooking, spending lots of time with her husband, Sam, and their big black lab, Jackson, in and around Portland. Ginny also teaches (at PulsePDX) POP PIlates which is a fun, total body strength-building group fitness class choreographed to pop music.


For more about Ginny please see her website ginnykauffman.com .


Ginny currently teaches Deep Stretch on Mon @ 5:30 pm, Restorative/Easy Does It on Fri @ 12:30 pm, Strength & Stability on Tue 10:30 am & a once monthly Restorative Yoga class on Friday 6 pm (pre-register for this class).


Monique Jacobs




Monique Jacobs grew up in a family of runners, but never felt at home with her feet pounding the pavement. She knew there was an athlete in her and became intrigued by gymnastics, dance, and movement, but it wasn't until she was introduced to yoga when she was in her 20s that she found her passion. For the last 10 years yoga became a way to work through the stress of being a middle school math teacher, and it became even more important to her during her first pregnancy and birth of her daughter. Motherhood, though joyous, brought challenges including tendonitis of the hands, an ailment common to new mothers,

As well as a rethinking of her identity brought about by leaving her teaching career. Monique was fortunate to participate in an immersion class which reminded her of how powerful yoga is for physical strengthening as well as for providing a profound sense of calm within the chaos that accompanies motherhood and life in general.


Monique brings her love of yoga to those looking for a Vinyasa class with an emphasis on flow accompanied by an eclectic collection of music.


Monique is on maternity leave as of the end of May 2017, till early Sept 2017!


Rose Schneider




Rose first encountered yoga in 2006, practicing intermittently, but with increasing interest, until 2009 when she began intensive study with her first teacher, Rutu Chaudhari-a devoted student of Aadil Palkhivala. With the primary intent of cultivating the habit of practicing yoga more regularly coupled with Rutu's expert guidance and passion for a holistic practice, Rose completed her 200 hr certification in an alignment based asana practice in the Purna yoga tradition. Through this experience, Rose learned that practicing yoga encompasses so much more than time spent in asana.


As yoga grew more integral to her life, Rose was astounded by the myriad benefits reaped from a regular committed practice. Body and mind grew more sound and Rose experienced greater ease and grace navigating life's occasionally perilous terrain. Not only did some of the weightiness lift, but she was offered, through yoga, the opportunity to experience and cultivate more joy and more freedom. These revelations inspired (and continue to inspire) her desire to share this practice with others.


Rose completed her B.A. in Classics from St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM in 2000, an M.A. in Humanistic Psychology in 2004 and two years of post baccalaureate pre- medical science classes. She enjoys synthesizing into her teaching her many years of academic study combined with her current interests in eastern philosophy, contemplative neuroscience, yoga and meditation.


Rose teaches both gentle and physically challenging classes with an emphasis on alignment and the awareness of the breath body. She encourages the refinement of sensitivity and the cultivation of energetic awareness in the body. Rose possesses a deep love and special aptitude for working with students who wish to improve their emotional/psychological experience through the practice of yoga.


To preserve yoga's bounty and tradition, Rose believes in the importance of connecting with lineage based practices and continues to deepen her understanding through ongoing study and practice. To find out more about her please see her site.


Currently Rose teaches Hatha Flow on Mon @ 9:30 am & Deep Stretch on Sundays 5:30 pm.


Todd Williamson


Todd Williamson is co-owner of Om Base along with his wife Vittoria. Todd teaches Body Learning Integration System Yoga. BLIS Yoga is a blend of Laya (energy), Hatha (physical), Nada (sound), Bhakti (devotional) and Jnana (knowledge) Yoga. The focus is on learning to work with your body and to listen to your body. Uncovering and tuning into that innate balance that is your essence, your wholeness.


The yoga path took Todd from Hawaii to Encinitas CA, then to Los Angeles and now to Portland, Oregon. His background as a runner inspired him to start his yoga practice with Ashtanga yoga. Over the years and much more yoga, especially with Erich Schiffmann, his style and his own pratice has shifted into an 'energy medicine" type of yoga, which includes visualization, meditation, breathing and yoga asanas.


Todd also offers readings and healings, and teaches energy medicine in a class format. To read more about his story, visit blisyoga.org. To hear his meditations, visit his blog.


And here's an interview with Todd.


Todd currently teaches Yin yoga on Wed @ 7:30 pm & Back Om on Sat @ 8 am



Vittoria Palazzi




Vittoria is a Life Coach and an energy medicine practitioner. Yoga is her first love and she has been practing in all its various forms and styles for the past 26 years, and teaching for the last 18 years. Vittoria is currently not teaching yoga, but is focusing on her passion as a Life Coach and teacher , sharing energy medicine modalities such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & mindfulness.


Vittoria spent the better part of the last 20 yrs immersed in some study or another, from her degree as a Licensed Massage Therapist to certified Childbirth facilitator, to Reiki master, to a Mentorship in Energy Medicine, Essential Oils studies, and on and on....Right now she's at the place where silence and stillness really turn her on...and the discovery that the inner self has all the answers and there are no questions, is very very exciting!


Vittoria is co-owner of OmBase along with her husband Todd, with whom she loves to practice the art of creating more fun and exciting adventures. It's never ending!


For more insight, read this interview with Vittoria. Also see her latest manifestations on her website vittoriapalazzi.com