Who We Are: Todd and Vittoria

In a few years, OmBase has become a sanctuary, an oasis of peace in this sometimes hectic world. We see it in the faces of the students that come through the doors every day, and who tell us how much more calm and happy they feel.... Some have serious medical issues reversed, such as high blood pressure, fibromyalgia...the stories continue.


We had a vision about a place where people would come not only to "practice yoga" but to actually live yoga off the mat as well.

Our story is the story of many others, but nonetheless just as real and important. We fell in love with yoga and wanted to share it.




The short story:

We were operating out of a small home studio prior to opening OmBase, after many years of teaching in various places and a short stint at operating/owning another yoga studio (which we ended up selling to a partner. It has since changed owners, and is still in business). Our home studio was comfortable and charming and loved by many, but small.


After several years the opportunity presented itself to open a larger, commercial space 5 minutes from our home. It was a natural transition and everything went very seamlessly. OmBase was and is a labor of love, an inspiration for a better and simpler way of living, from how it was constructed, using 'green' principles and mostly recycled products, to how it evolved, in an organic way.


Our teachers come from everywhere. We seem to draw travelers, artists and independent types. Some we knew already, some had just arrived in town from trips to India and other exotic places, or from other states in the US; we all fit in so perfectly. It's almost like one by one we were all called to the same place. From the beginning we noticed how being at OmBase helped everyone, not just the students, but all the staff there! They all made similar comments, such as they felt like OmBase was such a healing place, and that as soon as they walked in the door they felt better. We too feel that, and feel very blessed to have been able to help in its creation.


Ultimately OmBase belongs to you, our students, who come to be renewed, recharged and supported. We would not be here without your support, we would not be here without the need of the community for a healing center, and as you come to OmBase and learn how to be supported, it's your commitment to yourself to learn this new way of being, which also supports OmBase and in so doing, all of the others who come here...

So thank you, because your Presence makes all the difference!



The long story:

Todd and I met in Los Angeles in 1996. Yoga had changed our lives before we met, and we had had similar experiences prior to finding yoga: successfull careers which ultimately did not satisfy a deep longing inside. That longing is what we believe we all feel in one way or another, that need to wake up more each day, that desire to share ourselves with others around us so our collective light is brighter.


In our first year together we had a lot of fun going to yoga classes together (looking back now I see how carefree we were :) in Los Angeles, first with Ana Forrest and then mostly Erich Schiffmann. After each class we'd go to lunch or sit somewhere under the bright California sun and write down each and every pose we did so we could remember the sequence exactly!


We had both been practicing yoga since around 1991, and we both started teaching soon after meeting (you can click on "teachers/facilators" above and go to our individual bios). It was a very interesting few years, as our individual styles changed fast, and morphed into an eclectic variation of our own expression, which keeps changing. We value the teachers that have come before us, but we also place a lot of value in the inner teacher, the one within who is not always easy to hear. That inner guidance, the inner knowing colors our teaching, even though our individual styles are also very different.


Our goal at OmBase is to welcome everyone, and encourage all, teachers and studends alike, to tap into that guidance and teacher within. There is no more powerful learning, no more powerful way to live then to walk every day free in your body, healthy in your mind, but most of all connected to the power inside, which is what connects us all to one another. In that place there are no more questions and we have all the answers.


We call this "yogaing".. tuning in without holding on. And the good news is - and this is a big deal - that the yogaing doesn't have to look like doing yoga... for once you're tuning in, you're riding the wave of peace, and your way of being changes... There is no magic asana, or vinyasa, no special breathing technique, or diet, or any other prescription which can deliver on the promise of peace... you can't think or do your way "in", but there is a way, and that is to feel your way in, and this a lot easier around others practicing the same thing, and this is why we come together at OmBase... we come together to support each other learning this new way of Being, this new way of seeing. Why wait?


For more please see our bios on the link above, as well as Vittoria's interview, and Todd's interview.


Coming soon: Before and After slideshow of how OmBase was created!