yoga foundations 


Find strength and freedom in your yoga practice through deeper understanding of alignment, body placement awareness, and breath. When we understand how our bodies work in a pose, we can expand our flexibility, strength and new frontiers of possibility. With this increased body awareness, safety is created as we explore the depths of our practice in both body and mind. Come join our mindful class to expand your practice, to heal or work through back pain or injury, leg stability, hip opening, lower body strength, the inner spiral and more. 
Sat 8-9:30am


deep stretch

60 or 90 minutes

Suited to students that want to stretch, relax and do a more yin type of yoga. The focus is on allowing the muscles to release, as well as encouraging our minds to be still. Very relaxing and calming. It's a fabulous class for couples that want to share yoga time, as well as for students that haven't done yoga in a while. Even though it's a "deep stretch", you decide how deep to move into each pose. Beginners welcome. 
Sun 5:30-7 pm, Mon 5:30-7 pm & Thur 7-8 pm.


easy does it


For adults and seniors who want to enjoy the ancient, healing practice of yoga in a supportive, balanced, gentle, safe way. The class focuses on meditation, breath work and basic poses as a way to tap into one’s inner guidance. Poses are modified with the use of blocks, chairs and straps so that those who may not be as flexible will be able to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Students will learn to work with and listen to the body and thus develop a balanced practice, internal strength and wisdom.  No previous yoga experience is necessary and all levels are welcome.  

NOTE: The Friday class is a RESTORATIVE class  
Mon, Wed & Fri 12:30-2 pm


hatha flow


Statically held forms offer the opportunity to feel and explore each particular pose with growing awareness. Coupled with meditative flow sequences to keep energy moving, this class offers a blend of traditional hatha practice with some vinyasa. Class will be tailored to the skill level of the students and strength, flexibility and balance work will be emphasized.
Mon 9:30 am, Sun 10 am


hatha yoga


This class focuses on learning traditional yoga postures with emphasis on alignment, grounding and energetic flow. Some movement sequences, and also staying in poses long enough to deepen understanding. 
Wed 9:30 am


mom + baby om yoga


The physical demands of caring for a new baby can place stresses on your body that manifest as tension and even injury to your neck, shoulders, hips and back. The class will focus on gentle yoga exercises to realign the spine & strengthen abdominal & pelvic floor muscle. The class will also promote deep relaxation for mental and emotional well-being. Classes are a community and support for like-minded moms with babies before crawling age.
Offered occasionally.


prenatal yoga


Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman's life. So many changes are taking place and practicing yoga is a great way to help slow things down and bring you to the present moment, so you can fully experience and appreciate these changes. Yoga helps to cultivate your intuition so you can learn to trust your inner guidance and to listen to your body - developing a deep connection with your growing baby. 

Regular practice will gently open the body by stretching your muscles & joints, build strength and stamina, improve posture and relieve many discomforts associated with pregnancy. Through breath awareness & meditation you can greatly reduce stress and anxiety. 
Classes begin with a sharing circle, a checking in time and a wonderful opportunity to connect with the other moms for guidance & support. You are sure to leave feeling refreshed, calm and nurtured.
Sun 11:45 am , Tue 7:30 pm

strength & stability

60 minutes

A mostly Vinyasa practice with an element of fitness and strength training techniques. Combines yoga, Pilates and strength conditioning exercises to strengthen key stabilizer muscles and target common areas of weakness or instability. Resistance bands are used to isolate and engage specific muscle groups. A strong focus on core development is included in each class. A great way to build muscle, increase metabolism and balance, and enhance your abilities in your other yoga practices.
You will LOVE this class if you're looking for a workout! Savasana never felt so good!
Previous yoga experience recommended.
Tue & Thur 10:30 am

vinyasa / vinyasa go

60, 75 or 90 MINUTES 

An invigorating yet comfortably paced vinyasa inspired class. Experience the wisdom, strength and grace of your body as you explore meditative flows of sun salutation, classical hatha yoga postures and creative variations.
Classes vary slightly depending on the teacher. Please come and try several out!
Check the days/times of vinyasa on our schedule!


yin yoga


The yin approach utilizes long, supported, postures, that you simply relax into... when the muscles are relaxed, then the myofascial tissue surrounding them can begin to stretch and also strengthen.
Yin Yoga is a term coined by Sarah Powers and popularized most notably by Paul Grilley. Basically, it is an approach to using yoga to counter some of what the Taoist believe tends to happen with many of us as we age, namely that from the waist down we tend to get tighter and tighter, and from the waist up we tend to grow weaker... The postures are designed to help you move each joint in its full range of motion through its natural range... this is done through gentle but persistent compression of the joints as one hangs out in, and melts into a stretch, so most of the practice is on the floor, and most of it is passive. 
Wed 7:30 pm




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