New Student Guide

We invite you to make yourself at hOMe here at the studio. It’s an easy, casual, no pressure yoga space, where we invite you to come as you are and feel welcomed!


You can choose depending on the level of activity you are currently at (couch potato vs athlete :) ). In general, we don’t recommend vinyasa classes to beginners. The Easy Does It classes are super gentle. The Deep Stretch, Yin yoga, Restorative are good starts. Yoga Foundations is also one to choose from. You can also choose Hatha yoga or Hatha flow. Feel free to call us to discuss your specific situation with someone at OmBase.

CONSIDER THE $25 NEW STUDENT INTRO WEEK (up to seven classes in seven days)

This is an option for new local students to OmBase, and you can choose it only the very first time you take a class. After you take a class, any class, this option will not be available anymore through our software system.

What is the least expensive way to practice yoga at Ombase?

Our Ohana Membership is the best deal for students to purchase yoga at OmBase. Read more here and ask to sign up at the desk!

how do I sign up online

Sign up by clicking the schedule page, choose a class, and follow the prompts. You’ll have to make an online account which will take a few minutes, and once you’ve done that, your account will list all the classes you have taken/you have signed up for, it’ll hold all your information, and will be an easy way for you to sign up online. You can also use our app! (see info/link below) which can send you reminders (optional).

We love it when you sign up online as it helps us get less crowded at the desk when students come to class. Also, if you do, we’ll add your name to the paper sign in sheet, and all you have to do is check yourself off when you arrive! But if you need help signing up, don’t hesitate to ask!


OmBase has its very own app and you can use your iPhone or android to download the app and then sign up online with that. Follow the prompts once you download the app!

wHAT SHOULD I WEAR/is it hot in the yoga room?

Anything comfortable! No shoes (please remove at entrance), no belts, nothing constricting. Temperature varies, but it is within the 70º-75º range. We have a gorgeous gas stove in the yoga room. Stay near it if you tend to get cold, move further to the edges of the room if you run warm. Yes, we have air conditioning in the summer!


There is great parking in Hillsdale, but keep in mind that we share with other stores, so sometimes it can get crowded. In general it is easy to find parking during the day and in the later evenings and on Sundays, when all the stores near us are closed. You can park anywhere in Hillsdale and walk to class.


We offer different length classes, and the shorter classes (less on them on the schedule) have a one year expiration date. All the longer classes (more of them on the schedule) have a 3 month expiration date. You can see more on this page


Yes, you can share it with family and a friend. Keep in mind that we have to manually link you with your friend, and it’s not something that we can keep doing and undoing, so it’s best used for someone you generally share with on a regular basis.


If you don’t use up all your classes by the time the expiration dates rolls around, you can upgrade them to forever classes by paying the difference between the package rate and the drop in rate. Please call us to request this.


We offer a free class every 10 classes if you walk/bus/bike to OmBase. You keep track of it yourself by entering the date and using a stamp every time you come to class (we can show you the first time) and once you’ve taken 10 classes, you get the 11th class free!




In addition to regular classes, OmBase offers a lot of monthly events! Some are the very popular Kirtan (chanting, the first Sat of each month @ 7 pm, by donation), a free meditation every Sun 7:15 pm (just show up for these two events, no need to sign up), a Restorative Yoga class on Friday once a month, iRest/Yoga Nidra guided meditation/visualization, a new offering, a Reiki Meditation, and a Reiki Circle . Please check the EVENTS page for details.


OmBase also offers series of classes for students who want to deepen their practice. You can find those also on the EVENTS & SERIES page


At OmBase we also have a therapy room where several practitioners offer bodywork, energy work, Reiki, coaching, and more. Please see the WELLNESS page and contact each person directly. Feel free to call us to inquire about who might be more appropriate for your specific needs.