Sacred space by design


We had a vision about a place where people would come not only to "practice yoga" but to actually live yoga off the mat as well.  OmBase has become that sanctuary, an oasis of peace in this sometimes hectic world. We see it in the faces of the students that come through the doors every day, and who tell us how much more calm and happy they feel.... Some have serious medical issues reversed, such as high blood pressure, fibromyalgia...the stories continue.

Our goal at OmBase is to welcome everyone, and encourage all, teachers and students alike, to tap into that guidance and teacher within. There is no more powerful learning, no more powerful way to live then to walk every day free in your body, healthy in your mind, but most of all connected to the power inside, which is what connects us all to one another. In that place there are no more questions and we have all the answers.




  • Classes to meet a variety of levels

  • Amazing, knowledgeable teachers

  • Filtered, Alkalized and Ionized water station

  • Green Power by Arcadia PGE & NW Natural

  • Clean gas fireplace in yoga space

  • Lots of props including egg blocks

  • Mat rental available

  • Gifts and props for purchase

  • On site free parking

  • Healing practitioners

  • Monthly art showings

  • Om Base App

  • Classes 7 days a week

  • Friday evening Events

  • Daily Practice and Series classes

  • Friendly front desk staff

  • Community offerings