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OmBase is partnering with Shaina O’Neill-Butler and Karma Yoga to bring you a one of a kind yoga teacher training. The training will be held from September 2019-May 2020. Karma Yoga is a registered yoga school (RYS) through the Yoga Alliance.


Current teachers, those who aspire to teach or anyone wanting to take their practice to the next level and become an embodied Karma Yoga practitioner. We ask that you have at least one year of serious practice before applying for the program.


Karma Yoga means selfless service. It is the practice of responding to the demands around us with compassion, love and purpose. The interconnected web of life is affected by every choice we make. By understanding the causal relationship between mind and body and action and reaction, we begin to wake up to the calamitous effects that humans have on one another and the natural world when we’re not living consciously. Once this awareness is awakened from within, we get to show up and responsibly take action.

Karma yoga is about showing up for yourself first, so you can do the true “yogaing”. Once you come into a deeper affinity and alignment with your ‘voice' (truth, balance, peace, purpose, mission.. etc), and you find your inspiration, you will quite naturally and spontaneously want to share that inspiration with others. When you drop into alignment with your inspired place and become peace, balance and joy embodied, you will be able to meet the need presenting itself before you.

Throughout our program you will be given opportunities to volunteer with local outreach organizations in order to provide yoga and meditation to underserved populations. You will build bridges within the community and develop your own personal karma yoga practice.

Statement of Inclusion

We welcome practitioners of every shape and size, skin color and sexual orientation and we encourage you as practitioners to see what’s right about yourself rather than what you believe to be wrong with you.


Shaina O’Neill-Butler

Shaina O’Neill-Butler

My path as a yogi has led me to rooftops in India, beaches in Thailand, a small island in Brazil, and into the burrows of the jail and prison system in Seattle, Wash. My first teaching job was at the Seattle jail in 2003; there I learned to relay yoga to all kinds of people. After several years of teaching in correctional facilities, I founded the organization, Yoga Behind Bars, where I began to embody the practice of karma yoga, the yoga of action.

My goal has always been to share the tools that have offered me clarity, strength and peace of mind. In classes I blend yoga philosophy and its application to daily life by working with the breath and thoughtful movement. My classes are anatomy and alignment focused, but I also love to "flow" and play! I approach the practice with a beginner’s mind, and I encourage students to remain open to the body’s curious potential. My fifteen years of work as a massage therapist and my experiences as a certified doula and specialist in prenatal yoga and pregnancy massage also greatly inform my teaching. No matter what format I'm offering, my priority is to help my students shine as brightly as humanly possible!

Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson is co-owner of Om Base along with his wife Vittoria Palazzi. Todd teaches The Yoga Of Awareness using meditation, mindful movement, props and engaging Lines Of Energy to begin uncovering and rediscovering your most natural and innate way of being in your body. This practice and teaching evolved from teaching BLIS Yoga [Be Listening In Silence Yoga] for over 25 years. BLIS is a blend of Laya (energy), Hatha (physical), Nada (sound), Bhakti (devotional) and Jnana (knowledge) Yoga. The focus is on learning to work with your body and to listen to your body. Uncovering and tuning into that innate balance that is your essence, your wholeness.

Vittoria Palazzi

Vittoria Palazzi


Vittoria Palazzi is a Life Coach, yoga teacher and a photographer. Yoga is her first love and she has been practicing it in all its various forms and styles since 1991. Vittoria has spent the last 25 years teaching yoga and immersing herself in some study or another, from her degree as a Licensed Massage Therapist to certified Childbirth facilitator, to Reiki master, to a Mentorship in Energy Medicine, Essential Oils studies and so much more. Recently her passion turned to Energy Masters. Discovering horses and their energetic make up has uncovered a new world which is fascinating and magical! Vittoria is co-owner of OmBase along with her husband Todd Williamson, with whom she loves to practice the art of creating more fun and exciting adventures.



We will meet at OmBase in SW Portland bi-monthly on Saturday and Sunday from 12-5pm over the course of 8.5 months.

There will also be a few movie nights on Saturday evenings from 6-8pm. Your volunteer hours will be completed on your own time.

Sep 28-29

Oct 12-13, 26-27

Nov 9-10, 23-24

Dec 7-8

Jan 11-12, 25-26

Feb 8-9, 22-23

Mar 7-8, 21-22

Apr 4-5, 18-19, 25-26

May 9-10, 30-31



You will be receiving teachings from several methods of yoga. With a foundation of Classical Hatha Yoga, your Karma Yoga teachers are astute in the shifting, changing world of modern day yoga. Proper alignment and body mechanics cues will be taught, as well as examples of what not to do. Many outdated ways of teaching and practicing yoga are now showing up as injuries in the bodies of long term practitioners. You will learn what the most common yoga injuries are and how to avoid them. You will also be given tools to work with “special populations”. Restorative yoga, yoga therapy and prenatal yoga will touched upon.


Learn how the body moves through space in six modules; core, pelvis, spine, shoulders and neck, trunk and arms. We will start with the bones, exploring how different shapes of bones can present varying options or limitations for people. Then we will study the muscles and learn the synergistic relationship between all of the muscle groups. Once you can visualize the body and name it’s parts, we will start to explore how it moves! The nervous system, the respiratory system, how the brain responds to meditation and the anatomy of the bandhas, will all be covered.

Understanding esoteric anatomy is just as important as the study of the gross body. Knowledge of the Nadis, the Koshas, the Chakras and Kundalini, will be explored in a way that is fun and accessible.


Mindfulness is an awakened state, a place of honesty and acceptance of what is. The practice of mindfulness brings you into the present moment with an open heart and an open mind, so you can embrace life with clarity. Every class will begin with an opening meditation in order to help silence the mental chatter, which we all experience. Once the business of the mind retreats, we are able to recognize the spaciousness that is us. The practice of mindfulness is an ongoing journey toward awakening. It can be easy to get caught up in our busy lives and forget that we have the power to alter our reality in a single moment. By simply shifting your allegiance, you have the ability to move from a place of criticism to love, from anxiety to peace, from fear to courage and from self doubt to sheer confidence. From this awakened place anything is possible.


Authenticity and the ability to reach everyone in the room is the key to becoming a great teacher. Knowing your students names and identifying their strengths and challenges will make students feel seen and safe in your class. These are learned skills. We will cover the basics of teaching such as how to design a class, how to meet the needs of special populations in a group setting, how to become trauma informed, hands on assists and verbal cues, and the art of sequencing. Just as importantly, you will learn how to read the class, how to transmit vs. teach or preach, how to create space, how to establish boundaries, basic self care principles and how to give back to your community. This is the practice. Connecting deeply with yourself, your students and the world around you.


Ayurveda is yoga’s sister science. The Ayurveda portion will be taught by Leah Hansen, LMT & Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Counselor. You will learn about the history of Ayurveda, the Gunas, Elements, Doshas, Dinacharya, Agni & Ama, the Six Tastes, the Koshas, feeling your Prakruti in your pulse, traditional meditations and how to design a yoga class with an Ayurvedic theme.


We will read the sacred texts - The Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads and the Yoga sutras. Once your understanding of the origin and tradition of yoga has taken root, you will then be introduced to some modern works. You will be given paperless handouts on the history of yoga as well as some recommended reading. In order to avoid cultural appropriation, a solid understanding of the history of yoga is essential. The eight limbs of yoga will be studied and practiced throughout the entirety of the training. You will be given mantras, affirmations, journaling exercises and yoga poses for each yama and niyama, as well as clear instruction on the importance of the other six limbs.


The study of yoga ethics is paramount in this day and age when cultural appropriation seems to be running rampant. We will touch upon how suppression and colonization have affected the yoga that we recognize today and how racial bias and inequity show up on and off the mat. It is our responsibility as yogis to be awake and aware and to understand in which ways yoga in the west has gone wrong. We live in a culture that is obsessed with physique and image and unfortunately yoga has become inundated with false messages. It is our responsibility to teach from a place of integrity and grace.


We all know that compassion and healing begins with ourselves, but it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself when you feel called to help others. Learn some basic self care methods that will help you maintain strength and wellness. Become comfortable setting clear boundaries and putting yourself first so that you can show up for others without compromising your well being.


This is when you get to shine! You will practice teaching in front of your peers and in one on one sessions with your mentor. You will also have the opportunity to assist students while a lead instructor is teaching and you’ll be required to observe two classes while taking notes and meeting with the teacher afterwards with questions.


Autobiography of a Yogi - Paramahansa Yogananda

Four Chapters on Freedom - Swami Satyananda Saraswati

The Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga - Ray Long

Functional Anatomy of Yoga - David Keil

The Bhagavad Gita - Eknath Easwaran or Christopher Isherwood

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika - Swami Muktibodhananda

Yoga Adjustments - Mark Stephens

Light on Pranayama - B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga the Spirit and Practice of Moving Into Stillness - Erich Schiffmann

Health, Healing, and Beyond: Yoga and the Living Tradition of T. Krishnamacharya - T.K.V Desikachar


Every student will be assigned a mentor whom you will meet with a minimum of four times to accomplish the following:

  • You will experience a one on one private session led by their mentor.
  • You will adjust your mentor throughout a class, taking on the teacher role
  • You will be adjusted by your mentor during a class.
  • You will practice teaching a sample class to your mentor before your final practicum.
  • In addition, mentors will grade/review papers and book reports and will be available to you via phone or email.


Early Bird Price - $3600 (if paid by June 1st) Cost if paid from June 2nd - September 27th - $3800

Payment Plans are available. Cost includes a full day retreat at Still Meadows Retreat Center

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