I’ve been doing yoga for over 10 years now and have been to many studios and teachers in Portland, LA and Manzanita. I have never come across anyone like Todd Williamson and the BLISYOGA class that he teaches at Om Base in the Hillsdale neighborhood of Portland. It is my all-time favorite ever and the effects last days after the actual class.

I think it’s because of two important factors Todd incorporates into his class. The first is the wonderful ½ hour of guided meditation that he leads which centers your mind into a “now” state of bliss. The second is his awareness of the position of the moon and its effects on the body on the day of the class. We will usually concentrate on where the moon is most affecting us, be it “hips” or “shoulders” etc. Students are encouraged to keep the centering of the meditation going into the poses and we start out slow while the spine is warmed up. Through very innovative sequencing of poses we often end up someplace unexpected doing something we had no idea we were capable of. Quite magical!! At the end I usually leave the studio on a cloud of “Bliss” that lasts and lasts.

I have learned so much about “Lines of Energy” from Todd and also how to “stack my bones” that I’ve been able to handle some advanced classes I happened to enter by mistake. My doctor has congratulated me at a recent physical as my 61 year old body has grown an inch from yoga with Todd . Also I’ve noticed I stand balanced on both feet in a grounded way rather than balancing from side to side as I used to.

I can’t recommend more highly even a one-time session with this excellent teacher!!
— Lori

Thank you for another wonderful and inspiring meditation/yoga class last night. I feel so fortunate that our paths have crossed and I have you as a teacher.
— DL

Hi Todd, indeed it was heart opening. I certainly felt a connection to you through the deeper ocean as I often do. You are the one who cracked the door for me. Thanks. Hugs back!
— SR

Tonight’s class was great as always. But I wanted to thank you for all of the classes. I think I get your style and where you like to take your willing yogis and yoginis. For the first time in a long time I felt like I was able to ‘relax’, into the poses rather than conforming to some standard I have in my own mind of what it should be like. So much easier this way when I allow myself to relax into yoga. :) I am grateful to have crossed paths with such a wonderful teacher like you. Peace and blessings.

I attended April’s class last night. she is a great instructor and we had a wonderful class. So glad that you found her for us while Monique is away!
— BB

I am writing to let people know how beneficial beneficial yoga has been for me. It has been a very rewarding experience to learn to relax and stretch out many of my body’s aches and pains. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has the desire to grow in knowing how to respond to aging and/or physical limitations.

I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga class w/Alexis yesterday. It was the perfect balance of stretch, posture, grounding, energy movement and spiritual connection. I felt invigorated/alert/energetic/as well as relaxed/peaceful/zen, when leaving. It was one of the best yoga classes I have taken in a while. I hope to come again to take a class from Alexis!
— Heather M
I wanted to thank you for being so willing to be a positive support. Your email was really encouraging and helped me to reflect on my insecurity of wanting to be “normal” instead of being me. I think pregnancy is quite the personal journey where it seems like all of the stuff we have “stuffed” comes to our consciousness to be cleared. What a ride! It seems like birth is truly about re-birthing ourselves in a way, if we want to be at least.

I have really enjoyed the yoga classes and your approach. I’m so grateful to have found Om Base and look forward to staying connected post natal as well. You’ve got great wisdom to share and nervous mothers-to-be like me need that positivity in an overwhelmingly negative culture.
— CC, RE: Prenatal YOGA

Hi Vittoria. Your deep stretch class is helping me a lot. I definitely want to come the whole month of August. I’m not taking a vacation this summer. Taking your class is like a mini vacation for me every Monday evening! You and Todd have cultivated a very peaceful and positive environment at your studio.
— DB

Thanks for the selection of stretches yesterday! I walked out of class feeling looser than I have in years in the upper back / neck area. And it doesn’t seem to be tightening up again, even after a night’s sleep. It’s an amazing difference, I’ve struggled with chronic pain in my back/neck for years.