OmBase ~ a coming together


I am writing to you today to share something with you. A big part of what OmBase is, and 'does' revolves around sharing, caring and yes, even daring! Yes we do yoga at OmBase, but the hope is that we start to learn about, and open to, yogaing, which, at the bottom line, embraces and encompasses all three : sharing, caring, and daring. So I am going to be daring here, and stretch a bit further then I might otherwise be comfortable with, and share a bit about how and why yogaing, and OmBase work.
We don't spend a lot of time talking about what we do here at OmBase, we rather simply share, and so hope to inspire everyone to jump in, participate, and become collaborators in this experiment to help support the ongoing shift that we are all a part in and of...which is inexorable, and can be uncomfortable (to say the least). We are not simply doing yoga to get better at doing what we do in our lives, but rather engaging in a gentle, persistent practice that will support our shift of perception and our way of being in our bodies and in the world, in a word, yogaing.

This yogaing speaks to a whole new way of being in our bodies, and being on the planet. This yogaing is not transactional ~ we can not just acquire it by purchasing it. In such, it can seem quite enigmatic and elusive, and often lives in the conceptual realms of our mind, but - especially in todays world - rarely finds its way into expression and made manifest as an embodied way of being. The practice is to actualize the meaning of this in our bodies and our lives.

When we encounter this in another, we recognize it immediately because - perhaps unexpectedly and unexplainably - we feel seen, we feel heard, and we feel connected ... spontaneously, not because we did anything. And, those of us who are starting to be daring enough to be the evidence of this embodied yogaing, are witnessing the spontaneous and natural effect our willingness (and daring) has on circumstances and people around us in our lives - the ultimate example of bringing your yoga off the mat!
I hear about these stories and encounters and experiences many of you have when you share them with me - thank-you for sharing these, as it is the confirmation of the gift that keeps on giving in expression, through you, as you, but (and this next part is paramount) not by you... I invite you to continue to share these with me, and, also to please be daring, and share these with us on Facebook, with your friends, your family, your co-workers, and with your co-collaborators here at OmBase - these stories, full of inspiration and wonder, and life force, are what feeds us all.

Some of you have heard me say this before, but it warrants repeating, not only for those who have not heard it before, but because it helps illuminate the underpinnings and foundation of OmBase. There is a story about how OmBase came into being, despite my resistance and reluctance (yes my resistance and reluctance) - that story will be for another time... but after I opened to the idea of OmBase, my guides told me something that they said would be pivotal in allowing OmBase to be the kind of place it is, rather then simply another place of commerce and just another business.My guides told me OmBase needed me to focus on Being in business, rather then being in business. Same exact words, yet the meaning being conveyed by them is 180º apart.

I have done my best to align with these words, and the meaning they convey. And, yet, being a business in this world, the way it works today, still requires solvency. In the past almost eleven years since opening our doors, we've raised our prices only twice - most recently at the start of this year. I've made it a point to implement policies that would be fair to the students, the teachers, and not just the studio bottom line- an example is being able to upgrade expired classes, which honors the expiration policy, yet allows you to not loose your initial investment... imagine buying a gallon of milk at the store, but, you didn't get to finish it all before it expired... so, you take the expired milk back to the store, and instead of looking at you and laughing, they were to credit you for the remaining milk- even though it had expired- and applied it to your purchasing more...

This is a rather silly analogy, but in a sense, speaks to what the Forever Upgrade is offering, and it speaks to being willing to look outside the box of conventionality, and be open to trying things that fall into the win, win. win category.

With fluctuating attendance levels as evidenced in the summer months - especially August - we've been challenged in many ways including financially. With slim margins, when we take a hit financially, it can take months to just get back to base, and any unexpected things arising only compound the challenge. So we've been opening to ways to shift, to change, to expand on what we have, without simply falling into the narrow transactional framework of being in business.

What follows borrows on the model that a non profit, like OPB, uses - a sustainer model. This is where a member who values the services they are participating in, commits to paying some amount every month, to help the service provider have a more even keeled revenue stream, day to day and month to month.
People still ask about a monthly unlimited type of system, where they could pay a fixed amount and just come to as many classes as they wanted to every month. This is a model many studios use. For those of you who been around since our genesis, you'll recall we tried this model, briefly in the beginning. But because we choose to pay our teachers per student attending their classes - rather then by the hour - (generally a way for teachers to be able to earn more as their classes get bigger) we discovered that this model did not work for us.

So an alternative sustainer model is this - I'm calling it The Nest (10 for 10). It's simple, yet can, when combined with many, provide just the kind of support we've been needing and missing. The idea is that for paying ten dollars (or more) a month (auto payment on your credit card or bank account), you'll get 10% off of most classes and retail at OmBase. If we can get 500 of you to commit to paying ten dollars or more per month, we'll be in good shape to a sustainable future. Thank you!

If I've learned one thing with my recent shoulder surgery and recovery period, it's how generous all of you really are, and how giving and helpful so many of you have been in helping me to navigate this recovery. All I needed to do was ask for help, and the flood gates opened- As hard as it was for me to ask for help, I am so glad I did, as so many of us have had so many more opportunities to connect! Thank-you! It continues to move me at just what an amazing community we have here at OmBase.

I hope you consider jumping in, whether you are near or far, and helping to make this a more sustainable venture as we simply can not continue to do this on our own, or rely on a few generous supporters... many hands make the load light, and together - literally - we continue to 'make this happen by bringing it into fruition and into manifestation'.

I will close by sharing with you something that came through the other day, which speaks to this more succinctly and eloquently than I have above, and, I want to thank each of you for being a part of OmBase - you are the Base - and the Om is what you are learning to relax into and align yourselves with - it's already, and always, with in you.

the way of Being

We give to get
We share to have

one of these is of and from the head
the other the heart

one willful
the other willing

one speaks of force
the other of power

one imposed
the other most natural

where are you?
what are you choosing?
and now?

may you find peace where so ever you are


for it's only together that we 'make this happen'
[bring Heaven to Earth]

- Todd

Vittoria Palazzi