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Welcome Om!


We are a yoga studio accessible to people of all experience and activity levels, and our focus is on inviting yoga into our lives in everything we do, not just on the yoga mat.


We offer Easy Does It classes for students of all ages, including seniors and students with mobility challenges. We also offer Yin yoga, Prenatal yoga, and BLISyoga, (Body Learning Integration System), which focuses on deep healing, combining yoga with energy medicine, meditation and visualization. Vinyasa classes are for the ones of you that want a more active type of yoga, which you can mix up on other days with Deep Stretch classes suitable for everyone.


Besides drop in classes (no need for registration), we also offer series (the yin yoga series is very popular) and yoga immersions during the week (pre-register for these). On the weekend we sometimes offer workshops, and other events. Other forms of healing modalities such as bodywork, energy medicine sessions, Reiki and healing sessions are also available.


Our style is eclectic and each teacher flavors the class with her or his personal approach, knowledge and experience.


"Om Base is not here to change you….

but simply to support your change....".

Welcome to OmBase

6357 SW Capitol Hwy,
Portland, OR 97239

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Studio Etiquette

A few things to remind you...


• Please arrive on time. You'll need time to park, pay, sign in and get ready for class.

• You can wear comfortable, stretchy clothes.

• It's better to do yoga on an empty stomach (unless you are pregnant and need to eat often).


•Please bring your own mat or purchase one here. We carry only PVC free mats.

• Please do not wear perfume, cologne, or scented hair products as some students are very sensitive and allegic to chemicals or even "natural" products.

• Help us keep the place neat by putting all the props back in the prop room. Thank you!

• If you have any injuries or have any specific questions to address before class, come early or call prior to attending. If you aren't sure which class would be best for you, give us a call!


• Most of our classes are appropriate for beginner and are mixed levels.


• Have fun in class!

Events/Series Registration

Most of our classes are drop in, and you can come without registering prior to class. Exception to that are one-time events, the Yoga Immersion and some series like the Yin Yoga series and others.


To pre-register, you can send a check to Om Base (or drop one off when you come to class) for the total amount of the event. You can also go to our new MInd Body site here and pay online.


Meditation Series!

Todd will be teaching a one week long Meditation Series through the year.


Mon-Fri 6:30-7:30 am, $55

Next one TBA

Please pre-register either online or at the studio or call.


See a flyer here

Click here for Todd's new BlisBlog

Vinyasa Flow

Mon 9:30 am w/Julianna

Tue 6 pm Shaina

Wed 6 pm Eugene

Thur 6 pm Monique

Sat 10 am Julianna

Sun 8am Kasey

3 pm Amber


Different teachers guide you into a yoga flow. Sun salutes, standing poses are offered, strenghtening and revitalizing the body and mind. A short meditation is included as well as stretches at the end of class. For fit beginners and continuing students. See a flyer here.

Yoga Immersion

Coming this fall: 3 wks, 10/6-10/24

6:30-8 am $250. Please pre-register. Limited to 14 students.


Come share your energy with others and start your day in peace.


Yoga Immersion are so different from regular yoga classes! They include yoga asanas, sharing, meditation, visualization, energy medicine all weaved in to allow you to dig deeper into areas of your life that might need clearing, clarification, shifting, or simply renewal.


Allow the energy from the participants, Todd's way of teaching, and the amazing healing container of OmBase, to help your process.


Easy Does It

Mon, Wed & Fri 12:30-2 pm


An ongoing class for students that choose a gentle practice. Suitable for seniors, those with mobility challenges, or anyone looking for a gentle style of yoga.


See a flyer here.

Deep Stretch

Now offered 3 times x week!

Mon 5:30 pm, Thur 7:30 pm, Sun 5 pm

See a flyer here.


A great class for most people that would like to increase energy & vitality, as well as increase relaxation and reduce tension from either mental or physical overwork.

You can improve your posture and structure, and the class will help you eliminate aches and pains, so you can feel freer in your body.


Suited for anyone, from athletes that want to add stretching and reduce injuries, to the beginners who have not done yoga prior.


You are encouraged to work at your own pace and comfort level.

All welcome.

Yin Yoga series

3 weeks M/W/F $135

Pre-registration! Please sign up at the studio or online (go to SERIES tab)


Next one in Nov 2014


The yin approach utilizes long, supported, postures, that you simply relax into... when the muscles are relaxed, then the myofascial tissue surrounding them can begin to stretch and also strengthen.

Yin Yoga is an approach to using yoga to counter some of what the Taoist believe tends to happen with many of us as we age, namely that from the waist down we tend to get tighter and tighter, and from the waist up we tend to grow weaker...


The postures are designed to help you move each joint in its full range of motion through its natural range... The benefits of this deeply relaxing practice include increasing the range of motion in the joints, and improving the flow of energy through the meridians. The poses are generally simple and accessible to a range of body types and experience levels.


All are welcome. See a flyer here.

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